anyone suffer dehydration  in pregnancy?

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Princess09 Posts: 821
Few Weeks ago I had severe constipation, now I think i'm dehydrated. Today gulped down two litres of water before lunch not like me, I'm usually better with water but found myself not drinking as much as I should. Today really noticed it, as I had expected to be running in and out to loo all day, nope, hardly needed to go, tbh just went for sake of it, hardly anything all day??! Just read.dehydration serious in pregnancy. Anyone suffer from it? Should I be doing anything else apart from making a conscious effort to drink more water?
Here Hoping Posts: 28
I am in the very early stages still but had very bad ms two weeks ago. I went to doc because I was concerned with how bad it was. She tested my urine and said that i wasn't showing as dehydrated at that stage but if I didn't hold down fluids for next 12 hours to go to emergency in maternity hospital. She gave me tablets for ms and then suggested I take dioralyte (sp?), full fat 7 up and water in that order. She suggested that I needed to get fluids moreso than food and wanted to see me try and get 3 litres in. Sorry, that is probably not much help for you but if you are dehydrated maybe the fluids in the same order may help you? I am not sure how dangerous dehydration is though but if you managed to get 2 litres in this morning then you must be doing a good job rehydrating at this stage though.
tilsun Posts: 4506
Unless you've been vomitting or had diarrhoea a normal amount of water sipped through the day would prevent dehydration. Try not to drink too much in one go as it can run straight through you and put bladder under pressure. The weather's so much warmer these days it might take your body a day or two to adjust but you wouldn't be dangerously dehydrated
Babyash Posts: 374
I spent my bank holiday Saturday hooked up to a drip because I was dehydrated symptoms were that I cudnt keep anything down not even water went to docs wit a urine sample n sorry for the tmi but the color alone told them how dehydrated I was.... Ring ur mid wife in the morning n tell her exactly what you said on here I wasn't leaving anything to chance as I honestly didn't know.anybetter I was also put on dirolyte ghastly stuff but needs must They offered me an injection in the cumh but I opted for the tablets instead for the ms Let us know how you get on....