anyone suffer from I.B.S?

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mrs butterfly Posts: 223
girls as i am in very early stages of pregnancy this is starting to worry me.....i have had I.B.S for a usually goes from one extreme to the other :-8 ...but i would suffer alot from constipation i would get cramps etc and find myself straining(tmi :-8)....before i just lived with it but now being pregnant im concerned if it can/ will have an effect on my pregnancy.....i have been trying to eat more fruit etc but still find i can't go to the loo and would have cramps around my stomach after....which i had before but now iits worrying there any other I.B.S sufferers out there who could give me some advice on eating habits/ easing cramps etc???
fabcards Posts: 541
i would suffer from constipation and was worried when pregnant that it would get worse esp since i was taking thing i did find great was that home made bread that u just add water to...the 9 grain bread mix is the best one and only take a min to prepare and 45 min in the oven...found that it kept me regular :o)ll :o)ll
silíní Posts: 4219
Hi pet, i suffer from IBS too, usually during stressful events. I have to say i suffered with it something wicked when i was pregnant. I dont know if this is because i was quite an anxious pregnant person, or maybe baby was putting pressure on my tummy. I found lying down helped. I always find lying on my tummy great but couldnt do this when pg so lay on my side. You can take buscopan when pg, its perfectly safe, so i took this whenever i had an attack. I usually responded very badly to iron too but somehow the galfer FA i took when pregnant didnt affect me as badly as usual. Try to relax as much as possible and ask your GP to prescribe you something safe to take... My babs is happy out and safe so dont worry. As soon as she was born i didnt get any IBS for months, the only two times ive got it since is when ive been away from her for a night out!!! how unfair is that!!??
nwhite Posts: 216
I also suffer and found Linseed to be great and i put a big spoon of it on my weetabix every morning with my milk and it helps me great. Water is also great and fruit. Hope it works out ok.
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
thanks for the replies.......i will try some of your suggestion......i have been feeling consitpated for the last few day now and i have cramps and a sore back......sometimes sharp hubby is worried and suggested i go to the doc on call but i really do think its constipation.....the last time i went i was straining to go and i think thats why i have these twinges......what to you think???
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey, yeah I suffer with IBS as well, can go either way depending on stress and what I eat. I'm supposed to stay away from wheat and do most of the time but i'm finding i can be more constipated during pregnancy unless I have a bit of bread!! That helps me to go but then on the down side makes me really tired. I got a bowel type infection when I was at your stage too chic, awful cramps, but he reakoned it was just the hormones effecting the bowels so that could be whats happening to you plus remember your uterus is stretching all the time too. I find though now I get pains and stitches when i'm constipated. god such a lovely conversation isn't it :o0