Anyone suffering from hives?

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nu Posts: 50
Hiya, I'm 33 weeks today and my feet and legs are covered in hives. The itch is terrible. Just wondering if anyone else suffered with them during pregnancy? Thanks :wv
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Nu, sorry i havent had hives since i was about 9. But calamine lotion should do the trick if you dont want to use that try bread soda with some milk mixed through it and then put it on the hive. Hope the each eases for you.. there so annoying. :wv
Always hoping Posts: 784
Hi nu! I've been getting them for a few weeks now (32+ weeks). However it doesn't sound as bad as yours. I might have only 3ish at a time and they tend to occur all over, bar the head area. I was worried at the beginning that it was some allergic reaction but I read that it's simply another side affect of pregnancy! Lucky us!!! :wv
rushinbride Posts: 1097
hi nu, I had hives as well with my 1st pregnancy, I remember they were so severe I couldn't sleep cause i needed to scratch them constantly, them and leg cramps almost sent me over the edge at night...used get them on my tummy and particularly inside of my thighs...I've no magic cure tho I'm afraid...just letting ya know your not abnormal...hope i don't get them this time round... I would mention it to your doc tho next time you see him, you never know maybe you could be having a reaction of some sort or maybe they've a magic cure now he could give you... sorry can't be of more help
mrscat Posts: 1082
not hives but a rather annoying rash on my lovely bump :o( using calamine lotion
nu Posts: 50
Thanks girls! Once it's normal I don't mind putting up with it! Will say it to my doc anyway to be on the safe side. :wv
twinpeaks Posts: 548
Not pregnant, but have too much experience with getting hives after a virus last year. If you don't want to use any anti itch cream I have found Origins Calm to Your Senses body butter great for giving a bit of relief. It wasn't intentional I just had it in house and was using it anyway, but I think the lavender in the cream helps, so maybe use something with lavender in it. Am TTC and got hives on my neck last night, first time in a a few months! can't test for a few days, but it's probably another sign that is not a sign.