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CamelliaKelly Posts: 207
hi everyone, :wv i was wondering if there are any hayfever sufferers at the moment? i have had the worst case of it in all my 29 years. ive had it nearly 2 weeks its turned into a serious sinus and chest infection. :o( everything that i used to be able to take i cant take anymore and the herbal remedies do nothing. ive been off work for over a week and i cant take anymore time off. sorry to go on but i just started getting over the morning sickness when i get hit with this. is there anything that can be done? all suggestions welcome :thnk
pattie Posts: 2379
Hi Mrs Kimmy, it can be really bad alright. I ended up buying this yoke called Medinose off ebay. It runs on batteries and has 2 probes that you stick in your nostrils, they emit this red light that inhibits histamine production in your sinuses. Takes 4 mins or so 3 times a day and it you will notice it kicking in after a week or so. I've been using it since May now and it's fantastic, I would continue using even when not pg as it works much better than the tablets I used to take. It cost €100 including delivery and arrived about 2 working days after I ordered it. Are you taking anything for your sinus/chest infection? I would definitely go to the GP about that as your immune system will be lower in pregnancy.
Dazy Posts: 155
Hiya, I was really bad with it around 6 weeks but it seems to have settled down now, hopefully it will stay that way as it really does make you feel so misearable. I'm a bit sneezy and snuffly but I can live with that! Hope you feel better soon!! Maybe ask the doc if there is anything you can take? I know some people have said before that they were able to use the nasal spray ones?
chilledout Posts: 834
I second the medinose. I'm usually dying of hayfever and hate the summer but this year I got the medinose and its fantastic. Haven't had to take an antihisimine yet! It could be because of the weather of course but usually I still get the hayfever even if its raining. I got it off Ebay too for €99. Someone told me you can get them in Arnotts for €120 if you need one straight away. This is it ... ucts_id=14
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I'm not sure. I didn't think I suffered from hayfever but my eyes keep running. I don't have a blocked nose or anything - do you think this could be hayfever?
pattie Posts: 2379
Could be hayfever Lady Di, I still get the watery eyes, even with the medinose. The GP said I could use Opticrom eye drops but with this sunny weather even that isn't enough. My eye make-up keeps washing off, so annoying!