Anyone switch to Airtricity, cheaper?

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squinn Posts: 169
These guys called yesterday and have me thinking about changing. I made the big switch to bord gais a few months ago so both my elec and gas are with bg now. Airtricity say if I switch my gas is 10% cheaper than bg and my elec is 3 % cheaper if on dd and online billing. Apart from their pushy salespeople has anyone had experience good or bad of switching? Will they really be cheaper?
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
switched electricity last year.. to be honest, dont find any savings but do like that its monthly instead of bi-monthly so easier to manage.. rang up about a month ago re switching gas.. currently with flo gas.. ur man on the phone, kept talking about savings with bord gas.. i had to keep saying i'm with flo gas!! it was pretty annoying that he wasnt listening to me, so never followed it up
workingmom Posts: 3429
No, I don't think it's all its cracked up to be TBH, I haven't noticed any big saving at all.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I'm with Bord Gais for both and was thinking of moving to Airtricity because someone said you don't pay the carbon levy on it? Anyone know if this is true?
brightling Posts: 1496
We switched to Bord Gais last year and I am now thinking of switching to Airtricity, not finding any savings at all with Bord Gais.
hbajwa Posts: 1
Hi, I just started working for Airtricity in the advertising department, Ive just heard about these carbon tax's that are coming in in February I think, and I know that since Airtricity make their own electricty that this tax will have very little effect on those who are with Airtricity, If you are thinking of switching it only takes a few minutes on the phone. My number is 087-0534962, I will be in the office all day Friday, so if you have any questions please ring me then. Also we only charge 12.27 cent per unit while ESB charge 14.10 cent, so it would really help save some extra cash to sign up and it only takes out five minutes of your day.
dita Posts: 960
We found it much cheaper especially since the wee baby came along we are down easily 20 quid every month better in my paocket than someone elses
lavendergirl Posts: 478
hey- definitely down about 15 e a month, so 30 quid bimonthly. also making more effort to use less dryer, and switch things off also very simple to switch fi