Anyone take Folic Acid whilst not TTC?

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x_x Posts: 1823
I ask because my Mum has been on at me for months to start taking this. She says just in case, the sooner you start taking it the better, it does no harm etc. Was in Boots with her today & she bought me some. But H2B and I probably won't start TTC for at least another 3+ years please God! Her opinion is all women of "child bearing age" should take it. What do you think?
milis Posts: 7998
There was that ad on the radio a while ago with the 2 girls talking, it was very annoying, but the point of it was, if there was a chance you might get pregnant, you should be taking it. Personally, I trust the pill, and myself to take it, so I wouldn't bother until 3 months before ttc.
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
I am taking it already. We are hoping to start trying after we get married in Aug
skittles Posts: 1312
i think if you definitely dont plan on ttc for another 3 years then there is no urgency in taking it yet. i used to work in a doctors surgery and the clinic nurse told me if you did happen to get caught out and hadnt been taking the folic acid, dont worry as there is so much folic acid in everyday food now (its in milk & bread) that we are all ingesting much more than we realise.
red_rubies Posts: 2424
It's true that all women of childbearing age are advised to take it but I think that's just in case you were to become pg by accident. If you are pretty sure you're ok contraception wise there's probably no point really. 3 years+ is a long time away! Maybe your mother is secretly hinting that she wants a grandchild!! :o0 In saying that, it won't hurt you as you can take it for as long as you like!
milis Posts: 7998
If you are taking a multi vitamin, wouldn't you be getting enough of it anyway?
x_x Posts: 1823
Thanks girls - I think its that ad that got it into her head to be honest. Was curious...thought perhaps alot of women took it along with multi-vitamins. Wishful thinking from my mother me thinks!! :o0 am on the Pill for the last 10 years & she's never mentioned it before! Curious she beefs up the campaign with the Wedding less than 6 months away!
hunnymonster Posts: 725
some women do. I take it because we do a lot of exercise and given the importance of B9 in cell division and red blood cell production, I find I need the extra.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I started taking it yday. I am not ttc just yet but am hoping to start in june. My gp said that I can start taking it now as it will no harm, although they do recommend taking it at least 12 weeks for becoming pg
madhatter Posts: 212
Taking foic acid everyday until you conceive is a very good idea when ever that will be. Folic acid is a b vitamin and is not stored in the body so what you don't need is excreted so its good to be taking it even though lots of everyday foods like cereals are now fortified with it. We all need 400mcg of it daily and an extra 200-400 is required a day during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid is used to preevent neural tube defects and spina bifida and is used when the spinal column is formed which is normally on about week 7. Most people are well pregnant before they realise they are and hence the spinal column may already be formed. If taking folic acid every day prevents spina bifida surely its better to take than not and its never too soon to start. Folic acid is also very useful in reducing homocystine levels and hence reducing heart disease. Again which is a progressive disease that is silent. In my opinion if you're not taking a multivit or B complex its not a bad idea to start taking it. Actually taking B complex is an eevn better way of taking it as the b vitamins are used for energy conversion and are especially important for people who are taking anti depressants!! Anyway have gone on a bit there, but hope that helps!