anyone tried acqupuncture - ha ha cant even spell it

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stjude Posts: 121
what is the norm duration and how much does it cost - any recommendations around citycentre
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
i'm on a roll this morning with all these posts! HAHA! i've tried it for migraines but it's excellent for just regulating the body in general, particularly from a fertility point of view - definitely worth a go! it depends on you as to how many you'd need but u'd probably need to go at least once/twice a week for a few weeks anyway just to notice a difference. then a lot of people keep it up less regularly once they're "regulated"! here's a site i found of all qualified practitioners in ireland (i went in belfast): [url:1g2uxirg][/url:1g2uxirg] make sure they specialise in fertility. i'm not sure of cost down here but i'd say maybe 40/50 euro a time as a guess??
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I went to a woman in Galway, just across from Mill St. Garda Station and she was excellent but I con't remember her was forty euro cos I was a student...this was about three years ago... I'd been suffering really badly from panic attacks and nothing was working so she was treating me for that and I have to say after the sessions I wouldn't have a panic attack for a few days which was brilliant
Sonique Posts: 248
Where are you based stjude
stjude Posts: 121
thanks a mil had my first session in g street there...hopefully all will go wellbabydust