Anyone tried Optilase for laser eye surgery?

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AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi there. Just wondering has anyone tried Optilase for their laser eye surgery and if so how did you get on. Where they good etc etc? I see another thread on here for laser eye surgery too but no-one has mentioned Optilase! My other half is going for a consultation there in a couple of weeks and would appreciate any info beforehand. Thanks.
reggi33 Posts: 4
I had Lasik done there 5 weeks ago , I am a new woman it is great. Surgery is no more dauting than a filling in the Dentist and I have not had one problem since getting it done. Highly recommend it.
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi Reggi.Can I ask how bad your eyesight was? Thanks for your info though. It's just reassurance that I can pass back to hubby. He is very nervous. He is -7.5 with acute astigmatism in his left eye and -4.75 in his right eye. The optamologist says he might not be able to correct his eyesight fully but improve it to mild prescription glasses which hubby would be delighted with. Just to be able to see without glasses and to have them just for reading and driving etc would be a new life for him as he is blind.
Nolberto Posts: 22
I got LASEK wavefront surgery on both eyes just over a fornight ago in the Leeson Eye Institute - Laservision Have to say the recovery time seems to be much slowe wit me The eyes have defo improved but not to the extent I was expecting. I was told it could take up to a month so I'm still holding out for improvement At my check ups they keep saying I have 6:6 vision and that I'm recovering well so I 'll just have to go with that Has anyone ever got the LASEK ??? The procedure and 4 day recovery was uncomfortbale but not un-bareable and the total cost - VHI was €2550
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
Nolberto - I'm getting LASIK with Wavefront done there next week