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loveheart Posts: 686
Please help girls. My brother is getting married in 4 weeks in Prague and so far I have NO OUTFIT!! Worse still, I have weddings every weekend until we go so shopping chances are very slim. Can any Wollies help me search? Basically I want something fab and am willing to spend bit extra as it is a very special wedding. PLEASE HELP! I am desperate . . .
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I specialise in quick wedding outfit shopping! Have been known to buy several special outfits for weddings in mere 45 minute shopping sprees. But I'm Dublin based and you don't say where you are. Are you near a decent department store like House or Fraser or BT? If so, get yourself to Fenn Wright Manson or Phase Eight or Linea or (if you dare to risk it) Coast, and you should be sorted in half an hour / 45 mins flat. If you are in Dublin, try Allicano near the Stephen's green centre, or Chica in the Westbury mall. Several of these have websites so you could check them out beforehand and suss out if there's anything you like. Monsoon have nice stuff in at the minute as well. Good luck! :wv
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Also LK Bennett in Dundrum - fab place!
loveheart Posts: 686
Pomegranate - you are great. The unfortunate thing is while I am usually in Dublin I am currently in Belfast. Was thinking online stores - might be worth my while to search online and post other half the options and send him in on a mission. Hope those sites have decent websites??
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Yes, LK Bennett, Fenn Wright Manson, Phase Eight, Coast all have really, really good websites. Allicano and Chica have no proper website at all, unfortunately.
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Try Reiss - they usually have nice clothes!
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
Coast have some lovely new stock in [img:290iefd5][/img:290iefd5] [img:290iefd5][/img:290iefd5] [img:290iefd5][/img:290iefd5] this dress is from monsoon and I'm in love with it! [img:290iefd5][/img:290iefd5] Hope you find something nice!!!!
loveheart Posts: 686
Thanks a million guys! Really like th elook of that dress from Monsoon. I know there is always the fear that someone will have the same outfit fut to be honest I doubt that anyone has left it as late as I have! If it's new stock the chances are pretty slim!