Anyone use classic concepts for chair covers?

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mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Hi just wondering if anyone went with Classic Concepts for their chair covers?
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Anyone? Anyone??! Really good price and want to snap them up if anyone has some feedback..good or bad? *)
maggie m Posts: 154
Hi Browneyedgirl28 My sis uses them for the hotel she works in and she finds them brilliant,i was sorry she didn't tell me about them before i booked mine with another company, cause i would have def gone with them, she said the girl is really nice to deal with, all the best with ur decision :wv
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Thanks Maggie :thnk
JT Posts: 397
Hi Maggie, I'm the same as you! They're such good value and definitely very competitive - just worried it seems too good to be true? When's your wedding as if I get them and my wedding is before your's - I could tell you how it goes - if I can make room in the budget for it! JT
soinlove Posts: 8
Hi girls, do you mind me being cheeky and asking you how much they charge? I'm up to my eyes in comparing prices for the chair covers at the min! O:|