anyone use self storage?

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Daff Posts: 11644
My Dad is thinking of downsizing which bascially means all the hoards of things I have stashed away in his is going to be coming back to me :-8 not only that but also alll the things I inherited from my Mum like wedding china, waterford crystal etc. We've a tiny house adn have no spare space at all at the moment. I had to do a big clear out recently to make room for this baby. Obviously a lot of the stuff from my Mum is sentimental and I don't want to get rid of it - just need somewhere to put it til we win the lotto or the economy turns and we can afford a bigger house! So just wondering if anyone uses self storage units? there are a good few near where we live. Would you recommend them? what are the costs? I think we'd only need 50-75sq ft as we'll have some small furniture too like the moses basket (in family 30 years) and other baby things I'd like to keep but have no room).
demonwife Posts: 225
I use one in Galway. Excellent. Have used them for a few years now and find them great. It is a very good idea. You can also use the address for sending packages too, which I find very handy, as the An Post Galway Mails centre is in the middle of nowhere and I am rarely at home during the day!!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I used Elephant Self Storage in Tallaght when I sold my house and moved in with DH and needed somewhere to put furniture and a lot of stuff (I'm a hoarder). It was good, although long term I thought it was a bit expensive, then again I had a fairly big unit (I had a double bed, 2 sofas and a kitchen table among the junk) so it was priced accordingly. I would definitely suggest making sure you do a good sort through what you're putting in there, I ended up storing a lot of crap I threw out as soon as I emptied the unit again. :duh: sorry, I forgot to answer your question - the unit I had was about 400sq ft and €70pm (incl VAT). When you're pricing it, ask about upstairs units (they can be a good bit cheaper) and if the price includes VAT.
Daff Posts: 11644
Thanks so much for the feedback girls! PR, is there any reason that the upstairs ones are cheaper? that's the same place I was looking as it's just the next stop on the m50 so would be handy but tbh I wouldn't be going there very often. Will probably need it a few years though, couldn't afford 70 a month but would probably need a much smaller place - I'd say I'd fit everything into a car iwth the seats pulled down.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Sorry, I didn't explain that very well....on each level there are units with doors at floor level, then a second storey on top of that (iykwim) and you use a moving stairs to get to them. The upper level is cheaper because the units are harder to access. They also have some oddly shaped units that might work for you - again they tend to be cheaper because you can only put smaller items in there (eg you couldn't fit a couch, table, etc). They are very nice in there, I went and had a look at a unit before deciding what to do and they gave me a tour and showed me the different options. If you're not going to be accessing it regularly I wouldn't worry about being very near it, there are lots of places away from the m50 that might be cheaper because of their location...I know there is a place in Deansgrange, no idea what the prices are, but it might be worth checking out.