Anyone use Tanorganic?

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Sweet as pie Posts: 376
Just wondering if anyone has used this tan and is it any good?
moobertson Posts: 470
Hi Djune, I got this done for my hen and I came out very very dark. I wouldnt use it again. In saying that I have heard great reviews for it so it could have been the girl that applied it. She did lash it on. I am using bronze express level 1 for my wedding.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
A girl in my office who usually uses Bronze Express liquid used it a fortnight ago. It came out very dark (she wouldnt of lashed it on) but luckily she applied it 2 days before the wedding she was going to so she was able to have 2 showers so it was dulled down. But she said that it came off very badly. She moisturised herself stupid and it still came wear off evenly. It was horrible.
june12 Posts: 13
I used it and was not impressed at all, it was very hard to get it streak free and the colour was very orange and fake looking, will def not be using it again, really dont get what all the fuss was about at all.
Sweet as pie Posts: 376
Thanks girls think il stay away from it
lulu79 Posts: 108
xen tan is lovely, why dont you try that,i also find st. tropez mousse is natural looking
pinklady2 Posts: 402
I always get the Organic tan spray it is fab I go for the medium one very natural and fades away really well. I can a recommend a place in Swords that does it if you are near there and want to try it... Not all spray tan makes suit every skin type it is all about trial and error I think..:)
angelstar11 Posts: 245
Ive used it the last 2 months and I find it brilliant as I am allergic to most fake tans, I poured the bottle into a spray bottle and spray in it on a mit and it goes on like water and no smell, I dont find it dark but Ive only used the shade thats been sold in chemists. Im gonna keep on using it! I even used in on hols as I am quite pale.. love it
Friend used it, very dark she didn't like it at all. I think Tantruth is gorgeous, it's so natural looking, in saying that I always try a new tan if people are raving about it but end up going back to tantruth. :)