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dragonflynikki Posts: 74
was just wondering if any of you fantastic wollies have used for your invitations.. seen some ones that would look fab but was just wondering what the quality is like??? we're trying to be smart with our money so could get some really elegent invitations for alot less than buying them here... i know it seems like a silly question but for those of you who have used them how did ya find writing on them??? thanks in advance
Cowhands Posts: 564
Hi! Yeah I got my invites via complaints at all here, services was great,lots of communication, delivery time as stated..quality as cant really go wrong..happly zazzle customer..let me know if I can help some more eg pics etc
dragonflynikki Posts: 74
thanks thats good to know... def think we'll use them :o)ll :o)ll save a wee bit as we can. :) weddings ages away yet but jus looking around at what everythings gonna cost us :)
queen30 Posts: 1551
havent sorted out my invites yet but we did get save the date magnets from them and they were great have had loads of compliments on them. we were able to edit the colours, font etc to suit us and they arrived in just over a week.
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
I used Zazzle and got the most amazing invitations! The quality was superb and deliver took about 3 weeks. I would recommend them 101% I was so happy! I posted a pic on here somewhere if you look through my posts :wv