Anyone usually travel on the Drogheda train to Dublin?

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sharmon Posts: 437
Hey just wondering if anyone is affected by the bridge collapse at Broadmeadows esturary? I usually travel from RUsh to Dublin by train every day, got a lift in v early this morning so traffic not too bad, did anyone get the buses provided, how did it work out time wise? Or anyone who drives into the city centre, how was the traffic this morning. I'd say the real problems will arise over the coming weeks when the schools & COlleges start back. Is there a time table for buses leaving the city centre this evening going back to Rush/Lusk/Skerries?
starzzzz Posts: 1123
i normally get it from balbriggan. we drove in this morning wasnt too bad but we left at 630am. driving home left at 430 and werent home til 630 which was awful!!! balbriggan has came off worst in my opinon all the 33s are going from skerries, and the main other buses from drogheda, did you see translink are saying will be 6-9 months before enterphrise running again properly so id say thats more realistic than the 3 months its saying on irish rail
sharmon Posts: 437
Hey I heard Balbriggan have also got a service directly into the city centre from today & home again. I usually travel from Rush, I'm lucky as I can get a lift in with my OH who is going to get up an hour early every day to drop me off on his way to work. Getting home is another story. I stayed in town last night but I'm not sure how it's going to work out today. I did hear from others who usually get the train that they had to wait for an hour or two for a 33 as they were all full before they got to Rush (with all the commuters from Skerries & Balbriggan). I bought an annual ticket as well and now I don't know what to do, I know there are extra buses on, but often I would not be leaving work during rush hour, sometimes I leave later & they only have extra buses on for peak hours. Really think things are going to get worse before they get better, I'd say 12 months would be the soonest they are gonna have the bridge rebuilt
Little Boots Posts: 301
Girls, my heart goes out to ye it really does. Hope they get it done sooner than they think. Its surely just a matter of time before some private company start running buses too. *)
newkid30 Posts: 2233
Dunno what the traffic is like now, but I used to live on Swords side of Santry and we sold house because of the traffic. It used to take an hour minimum to get from Santry to Parnell St. getting a 7:45 bus into town. Think traffic is lighter these days with unemployment up, I will never forget coming through Whitehall at that bottle neck heading towards Drumcondra, bus would sit not moving for upto half an hour O:| O:| Hope they fix it soon, so many people affected, I still can't believe nobody was killed, Thank God for that!