Anyone watch 49 Up last night?

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Bulmers Posts: 1281
I have been glued to it last night and last week. I first saw 28 up when I was 9 (back in 1984) :shock: , and I loved it. Anyone else see it?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
YES I did it was brillent...god you can remember what you watched when you were 9 :shock: I felt so sorry for the last fella imagine being brought up in a snobby posh school and by the age of 21 living in a bedsit :shock: i thought be was on drugs at one stage he looked so sick! The 3 of them sitting in their little uniforms at 7yrs of age saying what university they will go to :shock: i thought it was quite sad,being so young and having their lives mapped out. Is it on next week again?
Frankie Posts: 1571
Nooooo - I missed it :cry: :cry: :cry: Will it be on again soon do you know?
SandraM Posts: 1112
I couldn't get over the way the 3 young fellas were talking when they were only 7! I can't imagine my nieces and nephews making pronouncements on fee-paying schools like they were! :shock: :lol:
Bulmers Posts: 1281
7 Years - 56 up. It was in 28 up that Neil had become a homeless depressive. It was so sad as he was the most gorgeous animated child. They showed a clip of that interview last night - at one point they asked him would he like children, and he said no, because even if the mother was the most normal,cheerful person on this earth, the child(ren) would pick something up from him. He never married, but is now a county councillor for the Lib Dems and seems reasonably ok. I thought Bruce (he was on last week) was a really lovely person. John the QC reminded me of Claude Erskine Brown from the Rumpole books.
Guest400 Posts: 344
I saw it too. Thought it was very sad about Neil although he does seem to have got his life together at this point and seemed calmer and less agitated. Did you notice how he rocked back and forth in previous interviews? That seemed to have disappeared. Very sad when he spoke about kids. A very unselfish thing to do in my opinion, didn't want them to suffer what he had.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
So its 56up nxt week is it? Ye sorry it was neil i meant,how could his parents not help him so so sad.
Bulmers Posts: 1281
No 56 up won't be till 2012. They go back every 7 years.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
ooopss :oops: must remember to watch it :lol: