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abbeyroad Posts: 56
So sick of being ripped off by the big companies O:| . Tesco mobile are SO cheap but there must be some drawback-anyone have experience?? I have iphone with one of the main mobile companies but my 18 month contract is up now, wondering will my iphone work properly if i move to sim only with a different crowd...i.e. Tesco? I know they use the O2 network so coverage should be ok. Any shared experiences v welcome TIA O-O
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
im just waiting for my sim to arrive and im changing over, my dh has been with them since november with absoutely no problems, coverage is great :o)ll hes on the 10 euro a month plan which gives you 30 euro credit and then its 6.99 for the month for internet this is the plan im going for too.. he had to ring a few times as did i to get the sim pack and then set up and so far we have found the customer service excellent hth O-O
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
My MIL was pay as you go with O2 and switched to Tesco while back and no problems. AFAIK they are on O2 network so coverage good. She puts v little credit into her phone and a lot of months she just uses the bonus credit.
adelz Posts: 3088
Myself and dh use to be with tesco mobile. We had no problem at all with them and found them very good, loved the fact you got the extra credit with them etc etc. We only switched cuz most of our family switched to o2 in order to have free calls always....
abbeyroad Posts: 56
Thanks for all the replies ladies, looks like a good bet i think....they are so much cheaper, just wondered was there a catch. My only thing is whether the iphone will work or is it locket to my current provider.....and if I unlock it, will it be damaged..