Anyone work in insurance- question

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Life assurance, all those medical history questions, what I am wondering is, is how much info do you have to give them? Both our doctors said, tell them as little as possible, but, God forbid anything happened to either of us, how much info can the insurance company actually get? as in, is patient doctor confidentiality not a huge obstacle to them investigating? It's just a theoretical question, I've been wondering about.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I used to work for Bank of Ireland Life, your doctor is being very irresponsible. Give them as much information as possible so that the underwriter can make an informed decision without having to go to your doctor for extra information. If you lie you will be found out, when I was working there we had many cases were they would not pay out as it surfaced that the person lied on the initial application form. Or else some people put down non smoker but when the gp report comes back it confirms that they are actually on 20 a day :o0 The chief medical officer of a company can get access to all the information he needs to determine the truth, especially if the case went all the way to the courts!
knitter Posts: 183
I wouldn't be impressed with doctors who say to tell the life assurance company as little as possible. Answer the questions truthfully - if they need further information they will contact your gp. There is no point in saying for example that you do not suffer from a particular illness. If you do need to make a claim on the policy the first thing they will do is seek your medical records. If it transpires that you lied on the application then they can void the policy and you get nothing.
MeSB Posts: 3785