anyone work in the HSE OT or HR department????

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lizzybride Posts: 181
Hi girls, Can anyone help me??? I have had to do some blood test for my new job for occupational health. I am living in the UK so my doctor has charged me for them and it’s over £200. Will the HSE definitely refund me this money???? Still waiting on a Garda clearance too....... its taking ages.....
quartz Posts: 446
I work within the HSE and had to have medical/blood tests done when I was made permanent. I definately wasn't refunded. Did someone tell you you would get refunded? As far as I know it's not the case, sorry.
MissFitz Posts: 66
Hi there i've Pm'd you some info.
lizzybride Posts: 181
Hi girls, I was told that I would be refunded for the medical. After that was done I was sent another letter to say I needed hep B and other blood test as my job was considered a surgical post. They didn’t say anything about a refund on that form. thanks for the info girls.xx