Anyone working in Cork Airport Business Park?

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MrsWire2b Posts: 335
Just looking for an idea of what traffic is like - I have an interview there on Thursday morning at 8.30 (God help me!).
Yellow Elley Posts: 1522
Depends, where are you coming from? if you're coming from East Cork, expect delays on the Kinsale Rd about, but if from the west, its a daudle. Good look with the interview :o)ll
MrsWire2b Posts: 335
Thanks. I'll need it - haven't had an interview in 7 years.... I'm coming from the city side of things - well, it's the only way I know - so I'll be hitting the Kinsale Roundabout.
pluto Posts: 3893
It shouldn't be too bad. With the fly-over things have quietened down a bit now. I would still aim to be at the roundabout before 8am. It's better to be sitting in the car in the company car-park than sitting in traffic sweating that you're going to be late!! Well done on getting to interview stage - and GOOD LUCK!! :wv