Anyone working today??

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Carmen Electra Posts: 82
Or is it just me on this lovely, sunny bank holiday Monday??? Booo!!!!!
cathycam Posts: 335
Yeah, in the North so no Bank Holiday this week - it sucks!
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Hi girls. Im working too. Had Friday, Saturday and yeaterday off so got to enjoy mosty of the sunny weekend. the weather is supposed be really good for the week! :P
mad woman Posts: 22106
im not thank god, at home relaxing...
Carmen Electra Posts: 82
I was at a BBQ last night and so have a bit of a hangover this morning, would never had volunteered if i had know about the great weather. it seemed like a great idea at the time cause i needed the extra holidays. BUT i'm off to Spain for 3 nights this Weekend!! So i suppose can't complain too much!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
yep, am working :( sniff. Had thursday and friday off last week to go away, so making up for it today. But am going to be very good and do lots of work and not play on WOL all day.
cheile Posts: 1202
I was actually in tears Friday evening (while doing over time!!!) when I was told that I would have to come in again today. I wouldn't mind if I was told at the start of last week that I would have to work cos I had plans and and I was really looking forward to it. Whats pissing me off now is, the boss isn't even in yet and we can't carry on without his part of the project!! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKEEEEEEERRRRRRR!! Sat here like dopes and its nice and sunny outside
mad woman Posts: 22106
ah yez poor things, its such a cracker of a day today..
wowee Posts: 1596
Well Im in London and it's just another ordinary Monday here - no bank holiday :cry: Sun is splitting the stones, and it was like this all weekend too - although I didn't get to see any of it - too busy doing a Florence Nightingale impression for h2b, who was dying with the flu. To be honest I'm glad to be back in the office - I'm wrecked after a weekend of running around after the man! Why do men lose the ability to do anything for themselves when they're even the slightest bit ill :roll:
mad woman Posts: 22106
[quote:d73i0237]Why do men lose the ability to do anything for themselves when they're even the slightest bit ill [/quote:d73i0237] because they are all a bunch of babys!!!! :lol: :lol: