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brennie Posts: 154
hi im just wondering if anyone else is worried about things on their big day... ive butterflies in my stomach worrying about walking up the aisle, walking into the room before the meal, whats in the speeches and the first dance... im really looking forward to the day and i cant wait. is anyone else like :-8
olivia123 Posts: 824
not yet but then I have a few months to
ladyinwaiting Posts: 198
Hi I'd say this is natural - think about all the time you have put into this - its natural yr gonna worry It will go great - try and relax - you dont want worry lines in yr photos :o0 :o0
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
hi i dont really have that yet but i have 7 mts to go. I think it natural to have a few butterflies that close to your wedding . I know closer to the time i will esp about the meal and band being good. But try not to worry hun these things r out of your control and enjoy your last few wks as a MISS
pixiebell Posts: 739
Hi i thought i'd be really bad when i get nervous i'm in the bathroom for hours...on the day i got a real sense of calm nothing stressed me out and u do just take the day as it come..(this surprised me how relaxed i was coz normal going on a night out i'm nervy!)
sinead266 Posts: 914
im nervous about walking up the aisle and getting pictures took on my own, dont mind when they take the pics when im in with the others :o0 , but im sure after a few wkds il be ready to pose for ireland :yelrotflmaosmilie: , just get a wee glass of bubbly before you go and that should settle u a bit.
huneybun Posts: 104
Hi everyone, Yeh i have to admit i'm getting really woried!! I have just 11 weeks to go and i havn't slept 2 nites this week worrying. My biggest wory is walking up the aisle with my dad and crying. I really don't want to cry on that day as it is the happiest day of my life and i can't wait to marry h2b, i just hope i don't be recked with nerves and not enjoy it after all the work that has gone into it. so u are definately not on your own ;o)
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
Yes you're definitely not on ur own we're all the same..I'm worried about all the same things as you and then also the weather as worried it will totally p*ss rain, worried about being centre of attention (along with H2B) which is really not my thing hate it! But I can only speak from the experience I had when I was bridesmaid for one of my best friends and honestly on the day she was so calm and any worries she had went out the window. I would also recomment the glass bubbly that morning which will definitely take the edge off :) I know I will be!
Doodlebug Posts: 74
oh brennie i am the very very same, i couldn't stop cryin on saturday thinking of all the things that could go wrong (and yes i know that is ridiculous) then today i kept giggling thinking about the hen 3 weeks away. i cant wait but i'm getting nervous...which is wierd i know h2b will be there and we'll have a great day but i suppose everyone is the same *)
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Worried?? Completely freaking out at how little time I have left, all my weekends are gone and I have virtually nothing bought for Honeymoon!! Spent the weekend shopping and came away with nothing. Worried?? Near panic more like!