Anyones fella wearing a kilt on the big day?

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terribride Posts: 627
Just wondering if you matched your bridesmaids with his tartan, or the style of dress? Any photos would be great too please :thnk My man is thinking of it and will probably go for the leinster kilt which is navy and green but I was thinking of lavender bridesmaid dresses?
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Hey Terribride, My BiL wore his family tartan. The blue of the actual tartan would have been too dull for the BM dress (i.e. mine). So we went with burnt orange as that was the colour of the piping through it. Can send you pics by email if u want (pm me address), though you can't really see the piping in them. Reckon lavender would coordinate well with the navy & green. Good choice.
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
Hey there, My H2B's wearing an Ulster kilt, which is a kind of pukey mustard yellow (I sound keen on it, right?). Needless to say, I'm not matching it with anything. He's ordered matching tartan bowties for the best man etc, but I'm not convinced we'll force them to wear them! :wink: In fact, I'm not matching anything with anything - my dress is white, my cake will be pale pink, my flowers will be whatever I fancy on the day..and the bridesmaid has a fab multicoloured Jean Paul Gaultier dress. Just need to make sure that the MILs don't wear the same colour outfit!
terribride Posts: 627
Naughty nuptials I know this is slightly off topic but your bridesmaid dresses sound fab, any chance you post a pic of them? You could pm me or I started another thread. ... f4ad5b8198
Spice Bride Posts: 558
My H2B is wearing blackwatch (dark blue and green) with a navy jacket. The bridesmaids are in green dresses with navy embroidery. Groomsmen are in navy suits and we have silk black watch ties for them. Hopefully it will look somewhat co-ordinated.
terribride Posts: 627
Well I hope your sending pics with your report because that's the EXACT same colour kilt that my H2B wants ( leinster colours) I'd love to see what it looks like (in real life) :D :D :D
JB Posts: 467
[img:23s8u8ug][/img:23s8u8ug] The BM dresses were gold and the guys ties were gold
terribride Posts: 627
OMG Where did you get the boy kilts? I didn't think you could get them in Ireland. Although I couldn't see any of my page boys agreeing to wearing them either :lol:
JB Posts: 467
Hi, It was my cousins wedding in Scotland, I think they had the boys kilts made.