apple crumble/pie/something to impress!!

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mrs mouse Posts: 251
Hi guys...hoping to god someone out there will take pity on me and help me! My in-laws are comming for dinner tomorrow night, along with my dad, something that rarely happens, so i said i'd make a dessert to himself, than i found out that fil is a very plain eater, so i've settled on making some sort of fancy apple tart/pie/crumble, except i haven't a clue how, and i'm praying some domestic goddess out there might give me a reciepe !! Thanks!
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
The godess herself ! Loads of yummy recipies good luck !
clucky Posts: 26471
ooooooooooooooooo apple crumble is my favourite dessert EVER crush 2 packets of digestive biscuits peel core and slice 4 cooking apples place the apples into an oven proof dish with a sprinkle of cinammon and 300 mls of water place the crushed biscuits over dot some butter on the top place in preheated oven 200 degrees for 45 minutes serve with cream ice cream or custard and i'll be over around 7
mrs mouse Posts: 251
your brilliant thanks...! hopefully i'll get something here, it's looking good so far!!
survivor Posts: 2507
Clucky that sounds delicious. Any chance of a small sliver of a slice if I travel all the ways to the big smoke for the next meet up.
mrs mouse Posts: 251
that sounds yummy! i'm now looking at the apple and blackberry crumble thingie, mmmmmmhhhhhhh pity mil is a brill cook, so tempted to just buy the fe.ckin thing and lump it on a plate and let on i made it!!
pricilla Posts: 1564
Sounds lovely Clucky. You're great for the recipies. That malteser cake nearly came between me and my dress, the whole family are addicted to it!! Anyway, you can buy a bag of crumble in dunnes. Get some cooking apples and a bag of frozen berries (rasberries, blackberries etc) Just chop up some cooking apples, boil em up with sugar, throw in some frozen red berries into the pot when the apples go mushy. Throw out some of the water and put it all into a dish with the (bought) crumble on top. Let it cook till you smell something lovely and thats your [b:1hndnlq0]Summer Fruit Crumble[/b:1hndnlq0].
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
OOh Clucky can you send me on the receipe for the Malteser Cake, going to try one of your dinners at the weekend fingers crossed x
charli Posts: 5994
the banoffi pie receipe on the side of the can of condensed milk is yum scrum and easy to make condensed milk is the toffee-like ingrediant and you can make loads of yummy desserts with it - check out the can and see!!! it's easy to make, if you are shopping for other ingrediants anyway for your meal you will need digestive biccies cream bananas condensed milk butter choc - flake or something for on top easy peasy lemon squeezy (sorry had lemon pancakes for lunch :-8 ) also Rachel Allens apple fudge cake is delicious but dont have the receipe with me- love her book Rachel's Favourite Foods have made loads from it!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
I think a new thread should be started Clucky's Recipes, she is fantastic, she always knowes a great recipe! I want her to adopt me!! :-8 :-8 Lucy :o)ll :o)ll