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fallen Posts: 5
I'm seven weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago to have it confirmed. I'm going semi private and my next appt is at 14weeks. The doctor told me she did not need to see me until I was 6 mths. My scan is at 20 weeks. Loads of people seem to be going for scans and appts well before this. Is this how it happens or do people make appt for private scans etc?
Rubee Posts: 483
I'm pretty much the same as you. i will be 14 weeks at first consultant visit and scan at 20 weeks. I suppose you can book a private scan anytime after 6 weeks. If you are doing shared care with the hopital and you're GP I would recommend you go to your doctor for urine and bloodpressure and weight checks around 9 weeks. These visits are free under the government scheme. Best of luck, I'm hoping hoping my consultant does a mini scan on my 14 week visit as there is twins in our family so I could be double trouble:)
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi fallen I'm going private and i'm having my scan at 10/11 weeks, I don't have any appointment to see the docs before that so that'll be my first visit since I confirmed the pregnancy. I think the timescales are different depending on hospitals/ location and if your going private/semi or public
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Going public on a combined care scheme. App with GP at 12 weeks, first hospital app at 20-22 weeks and get a scan then. I didnt want to wait that long for a scan especially as my first so i booked a private scan with the Charlemont Clinic. I just rang and booked app, i need to bring a letter of referral from my GP and its costing €120. So you dont need to go private for an early scan you can just pay for it seperately, hope that helps.
breeze Posts: 1175
going private with the Coombe and doing combined care. went to the dr to get bfp confirmed. had an appointment with hsp at 9weeks, dr at 13 weeks and have next appointment next wednesday wil be 17 weeks then. My Dr has a small scanning machine in his room so i get to see the bean every visit. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll have my big ultra scan middle of august will be 21 weeks
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I'm going private and my time scales are pretty similar to yours. It bugged me too, cos it seemed like everyone else was getting scans a lot earlier, but i think it depends on where you are- supply and demand! Since around 20 weeks I was seeing someone (consultant or GP) every 3 weeks or so, and from now on it every 2 weeks.