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savvy Posts: 33
From what i can gather you need an appointment for bridal shops. Is it all of them or are there some you can just call into browse? I think i'd rather have a look at what they have rather than making an appointment and not liking what they have if you know what i mean? Also how long does it usually take to get an appointment on a saturday?
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
All bridal shops I visited were appointments only and Saturdays book up weeks in advance. Some will allow people to browse, others will not as they feel that it's nice for a bride to have privacy. I would just go and book your appointments as I found browsing a pointless exercise, anything I thought I liked looked awful and others which didn't look much on a hanger were really nice (when I went trying on).
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi savvy, the only shop that I know of that doesn't need appointments is Alexanders on Parnell Street. However, you could have a browse around Debenhams & Arnotts too, they both have bridal sections. I would recommend making appointments though, as the dress never looks as good on the hanger as it does when you try it on. The girls in the shops - for the most part - are really nice and make you feel so special. I made my appointments about 2 weeks in advance, and only made 3 on 1 day, as it's quite tiring. If you're going ahead without an appointment for the likes of Alexanders, get in there early because it gets packed really quickly. HTH :wv
savvy Posts: 33
thanks girls that's a great help. i've looked at lots of dresses on different websites but i suppose you're right i won't know what they are like until i try them on. i'd better make some phone calls now. :wv