Appointments to browse bridesmaids dresses???

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JDD Posts: 1316
Is this normal? I was going to go out to Swords this Saturday to have a look at dresses for BMs but the shop said that they can't take an appointment for a Saturday until March! I didn't realise you had to make an appointment to look at BM dresses! Ho hum. Anybody know whether you need an appointment in B Couture in Arklow?
Excited2010 Posts: 777
yeah that sounds right and i can prob guess the shop as well. I think the safest bet is to make an appointment to look at dresses once it is in a bridal shop. I know its hard to get going and get everyone together but if you could get a monday i find that shops usually have loads free on a monday! O-O
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
Ye prob can guess the shop too :o0 when we were looking we made appointments for everywhere as they can be really peeved if you just turn up. I did find during the week is better as shop assistants have more time for you but if this isnt possible just set a date tell your bridesmaids and book a few appointments for the day to mke the most of it
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Yep, sounds right to me too. Saturday is the busiest day for bridal shops so the appointments are in demand. I'd say now that the Christmas is over a lot of people have decided to start the hunt for the dress so I can see why they're booked up til March. I'd say you could [i:356gcshi]almost[/i:356gcshi] definetly drop in on a weekday without an appointment though.
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi i was in swords trying on bridal dresses and had to make an appointment. we were also looking for BM dresses. it was the only place that asked to make an appointment for Bm Dresses. i went to a few places that you dont need appointments to view Bm dresses. like other girls said saturday is the busiest day for bridal shops.
gillette Posts: 1803
JDD, I'd to make an appointment for B Couture for bridesmaid dresses - it's very small (although lots of stock) so you can see why. They really couldn't fit more than one bride with her bridesmaids at any one time. While I found the place you're referring to in Swords a bit of a pain when it came to appointments, they really had the biggest range of stock by a mile so I stuck with them. I think House of Brides in Ardee also stocks Dessy dresses but the Swords shop actually worked out slightly cheaper (and was closer than Swords). HTH
OOB Posts: 639
Hi JDD, I had to make an appointment in BCouture also, going there Saturday forthnight after having to cancel it twice with the condition of the roads :o( The funniest thing I've come across though was when making an appointment in Vera Wang BT's they asked for my credit card details to hold an appointment! I thought this was bizzare... :ooh
Excited2010 Posts: 777
OMG ur credit card details. Thats a bit weird alright. Yeah the shop is swords is the cheapest for Dessy Dresses out of all the ones i rang around. Have a great selection as does Bridal House in Ardee
JDD Posts: 1316
Thanks lads. I knew about appointment to try on wedding dresses (which is fair enough) and I suppose, thinking about it, they can't really have loads of BMs wandering around as it kind of takes away from the atmosphere. So I've booked in with the place in Swords for March and I also got an appointment with BCouture in Arklow for Saturday week. The dresses don't need to be ordered for a while yet. Ardee is a bit of a hike for me but I'll go there if I need to. €220 for a dessy dress in BCouture. That sound reasonable? Would I be better buying them over the internet, even with the customs tax?
JDD Posts: 1316
[quote:2tkb6a75]The funniest thing I've come across though was when making an appointment in Vera Wang BT's they asked for my credit card details to hold an appointment! I thought this was bizzare... [/quote:2tkb6a75] I had to do that for Myrtle Ivory as well. Cheap way for them to make money I suppose.