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3Wishes Posts: 5
Hi there Just wondering if there are any new mums-to-be due in April 2010. Just got my BFP yesterday and would love some company for the next 8ish months, all going well please god. Best wishes to all.
veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
Congrats thats gr8! Cant believe theres an April 2010 thread!! O-O genuinely seems like no length ago since i was at your stage now im almost 7 months!! Hope you have a healthy, happy pregnancy!! xx
blue_ Posts: 44
Hey 3wishes! Congrats on your BFP! Come on and join the april 2010 babies thread, there's loads of us there already! When are you due? blue :wv
3Wishes Posts: 5
Hi girls Congratulations to you both and thanks a million for the welcome. Silly me, I didn't see the April thread at all but I'd be delighted to join in with you all there Blue. :-8