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Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi all. This is all very weird. It seems like only yesterday i was logging onto this website for my wedding which was 9th Nov 2006. I am extremely happy and proud to annouce that we are expecting our first baby on the 29th April 2008, which makes me 9weeks+4, we were very lucky to have our first scan on wednesday and there was our little peanut with its heart beating strong, all looks good so fingers crossed. I am feeling very tired and slightly nausea in the evenings but otherwise ok, i think my mojo is coming back slowly to my husbands delight!!! We have just told family and friends which is such a weight off my shoulders as i really got sick of lying. Would love to hear from other April Moms to be and see how everyone is feeling. :o)ll
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Hey there, and congratulations on your pregnancy. Im due 25th of April and all appears to be going well. I had a scan at 8 weeks and everything was fine, cant wait until the next one at 16 weeks. Im definatly lacking on the energy front, still getting exercise but nowhere near as much as before. Dident really suffer from morning sickness just a little bit of nausia in the first couple of weeks. We havent told anyone yet, im going away for a week next Saturday so will spread the news when we get back. Ill be 12 weeks then.
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Hi HBells, We are TWINS :o)ll :o)ll I'm also due 29th April 08. Glad to hear things are going well for you. I have the dreaded ms since 7 weeks :o( :hic but not bad. I'm coping well. Not letting myself go hungry and getting plenty of sleep at night. I had spotting for two weeks when I was 4 weeks so I have been for 3 scans already. My next one is 12th Oct so looking forward to that. :o)ll I'm going to tell everyone after that cause I'll be just 12 weeks then. It's very hard keeping it to yourself. I've nearly let it slip I don't know how many times. O:| I'm just a firm believer in not telling until the 3 months are up. I told my dad alright and my older sister but that's it. I look forward to chatting with you over the next six and a half months and hope things go nice and smooth for us. Best of luck. :wv :thnk
Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi ladies Thanks for the replies, great to hear I am not alone. I feel a bit funny now about having told so many people because you are both so disciplined. We were so determined to wait the 3 months but unfortunately we bumped into a girl from the town at our scan so it could have spread the wrong way. It's all been a bit wild since we found out, I have had two hen parties, a wedding and our own action packed trip to America. A lot of my close friends had guessed because of my lack of usual party animal behaviour. We have my brother in law's wedding on Thursday and I bought the most expensive dress i will ever buy just before I found out. It was fairly fitted when i bought it and is now a struggle to get over my boobs ( i have a backup just in case), i haven't put on weight but things are getting tighter. Really looking forward to discussing things with you as we go along, I am positive but very nervous at the same time. Best of luck to you guys and enjoy your holiday wannabamama, great timing. :wv :thnk
swissgirl Posts: 2301
I am the 1st of May 2008 and am 9 week +1 day (so very technically dont belong here :o0 ) Im feeling ok. A little nauseous/full most of the time like a lump in my throat but cant stop eating I also cant stop thinking about McDonalds chips and really potatoes of any variety. God only knows how much weight Ive gained. I saw the bean and the heartbeat at 7w+4 and it was great. I have my next scan at 12w+1 and I cant wait. Though Id a quiet summer September has been a social nightmare with a wedding, 30th, Hen, going away do and big girls night. So all my female friends here have guessed but only my sister and my mum at home know.
girlymum Posts: 696
Hi girls! I am due on April 12th but think I will go later. We have told almost everyone at this stage but we had a scan at 8wks so we knew everything was fine. Feeling a lot less tired now and only got sick once so starting to feel more normal. Really gone off meat, can't cook it at all and will only eat a little bit if its put in front of me but no appetite for it. Hope you are all putting your feet up and having a relaxing weekend, x
Bear Posts: 671
hi hbells, congratulations! I am due around the end of April. I'm 10 weeks now and have my 1st scan on Monday. We found out we were pregnant while still on our honeymoon. for some reason we thought it would take us months to conceive so we are absolutely delighted. So far we have only told our immediate families, and hope to keep it from everyone else til week 12. I've hardly any symptoms, just feeling a bit tired but I don't work long hours so am able to get plenty of rest. the lack of symptoms are making me wonder if I'm pregnant at all!!! Imagine if I go in to scan on Monday and they tell me there's nothing there after all.
Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi Bear and Girliegirl and Ladies Bear I hope all went well with your scan, I am sure it did. I had a very emotional weekend, my hormones are gone banana's. I am feeling ok apart from slight nausea and tiredness but emotional I have to be honest........I feel crap. I know it will pass but I wasn't expecting it, I am usually up for any challenge in life but this takes time to get use to, I just hope my husband can put with my madness. I ran over a black cat on Saturday and cried for two hours, not sure if i was upset for the cat or worried that a black cat crossed my path. Anyhow, from what I am reading I am normal so thats a relief. Is anyone else feeling the same? <a href="http://lilypie.com"><img src="http://bd.lilypie.com/bdCDp1.png" alt="LilypieExpecting a baby Ticker" border="0" width="400" height="80" /></a>
Jolee Posts: 567
Hi girls, Im due on the 29th April too!! That makes triplet due dates already! This is my second baby (My son will be 5 on the 8th Oct) and this pregnancy is already totally different to my first! I have morning sickness and it is bad enough, didnt have any at all on the first one! Cant believe you have all had scans already, im so jealous. Im not having mine till the 24th October... maybe they just give them later on baby 2? Anywho, i am also an emotional wreck at the mo and even cried at a stupid life assurance ad yesterday! My boobs have already increased by almost 2 cup sizes and I have zero energy which makes getting up extra early to shower and get my son off to school that extra bit harder, esp when i have to fit in getting sick at least twice before I leave the door... my poor son doesnt know whats wrong with me! Im afraid to blame it on the pregnancy incase it makes him resent the baby for making mammy sick! Everyone knows about my pregnancy coz the morning, noon and night sickness kind of gave it away... along with being out and not having my usual vodka and white! :hic
Bear Posts: 671
hi Hbells, had scan this morning and it was brilliant. don't know what I was expecting, but we saw the little heart beat, arms, legs and eyes. And he/she hardly kept still. DH thinks its a girl because she was kicking up such a fuss. it was amazing to see how much it was actually moving, I think I expected it to be just lying there doing nothing.