aqua aerobics anyone??

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maybe2011 Posts: 143
Hi girls, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and thinking of starting aqua aerobics this evening. Has anyone done these when they were pregnant and did you find them good?
pinkframe Posts: 628
I'm doing them at the minute - I'm 11 weeks gone.  I find them good…ya don't build up too much of a sweat in them and they aren't too taxing.  I wouldn't keep them up for losing the baby weight now as I don't feel very puffed during or afterwards but from what I've been told, I shouldn't be breathless when exercising whilst pregnant.  Makes me feel like I'm doing "something" anyway but I know I'm not overdoing it if that makes sense.
DaisyB Posts: 1708
keep meaning to start them but i just seem to be too lazy to get up and go.. has anyone done them in Drogheda??? :wv
gagamama Posts: 204
I'm 38 wks and still doing aqua. It's one of the few effective aerobic exercises you can do till the end of pregnancy.Very good for strengthening leg muscles and pelvic muscles which are very important for labour.Definately not a strenuous workout, but just right for pregnancy. Enjoy :)