Aqua Natal classes in NAC Blanchardstown

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pumba Posts: 257
Hi, Does anyone know if these classses are still running? I have emailed both the NAC and the lady who runs them but havent got a response. Or does anyone know of similar classes in north Dublin? Thanks
Elegance Posts: 2848
i phoned them weeks ago and was told to email - which i did, and like you got no response! i also went swimming there and asked while i was there and was told i needed to ring O:| so i gave up! if you hear back, i'd appreciate it if you could let me know. :thnk
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
Oh I'd love to know this as well. 2 pools where I live but you need membership to both which I can't afford
pumba Posts: 257
Ijust rang the NAC there and was told to ring the lady directly. the classes are still running at 630 on Wednesdays. Her name is aileen convery and number is 0876798470. I just rang there and left her a message. hopefully she gets back to me, really want to get started on some sort of exercise!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
hi girls, the classes are on Wed in NAC but time changed to 7pm. Just give her a ring and she will get back to you in a bit. SHe also does classes in Mespil on Tues and somewhere in Rathfarnham (butterfield sports???? - on a sat). There is info on eureka hydrotherapy if you google that. It's a great class and you do feel so energised afterwards. If you wanted to just come along she is usually sitting in the cafe area from about 6.45. I don't know of any other specific antenatal aqua aerobics classes anywhere. There are loads of aqua aerobics classes but tbh the NAC class is v different and very much caters for pregnant women. Hope see you there - i'llbe playing guess the Wollies!! :wv
babyluck Posts: 764
hi I go to her classes in mespil on a tues she is really good - a chartered physio and the classes are worth it so dont give up she is a mum with 3 young kids herself so she is busy but do call her again! butterfield is in rathfarnham near the blue haven pub and the pool is warmed to higher temp just to let you know
pumba Posts: 257
Hi I was just talking to Aileen She said to come along anywhere from 18wks on. Numbers are not tight at the minute so maybe just give her a call to let her know you will be there. Exactly what toblerone said, she will be in the cafe area from 645, class is at 7 in NAC. 18e per class or 4 for 60e. I cant wait to get started. :o)ll :o)ll
Elegance Posts: 2848
thanks girls... going to give it a go!
samcro Posts: 738
Just seeing if anyone here is doing these classes?? I'd love to know if they are still being ran?