Ardilaun food - how consistent is it?

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Deelighted Posts: 2
Hello Wollies! Girls I know this has been asked lots of times and I've been having a look at old posts on here which have been really useful, and I'm only asking again so I can get the latest info. I hope ye don't mind, it'll help settle our heads... Basically, we're looking at the Ardilaun in Galway as a possible venue for our wedding, but I'm a bit worried as I've always heard the food was a bit inconsistent - great sometimes, very poor other times. Could I ask for a quick poll of anyone who has held or been to a wedding there in the last year or so as to whether the food was good/bad/alright?! Thank you!!
dancingqueen Posts: 491
Having our Wedding here in the summer, been to a number weddings at the hotel to the point I have said WOW at the Table cannot wait for the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever experienced the food at the hotel? Why would you base you decision on something you have heard go try it!