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froggys woman Posts: 48
I just have to let off steam this evening, having practically sailed through all the planning of this wedding, thanks to a lot of planning for almost 2 years, i find now that everything seems to be falling apart!! O:| In the last 3 weeks alone and considering that i've only 3 weeks left to go, I went to my bridal shop for my first fitting, to find it wouldn't go past my hips (which are not all that big!! :-8 ), to then discover that they ordered it in an 8!!!! Then i went to jewellers to pick up my wedding ring, to discover they had made it a size too big. My H2B picked up his (in a totally different jewellers, having had it made at a cost of over €800) to discover his was too small. On Monday I went with my bmaids for their first fitting, to find the dresses were a totally different style to what i had ordered, to be told its too late to order the correct ones. This evening I went to pick up my wedding shoes, which i had ordered six weeks ago, to be handed a pair of shoes that looked NOTHING like the ones i had ordered!! >:o( To top it off, i have my second dress fitting on friday and now have no shoes. :duh: I just want to say, do all wedding-related businesses think that all brides are stupid???? What is their problem??? I had ordered everything almost six months to a year in advance, just to have things right, to now discover that the shower of gobsh**es that work in these establisments, are ordering everything wrong!!!! And to top it off, they expect us to take what theyve ordered. :weep I'm really at the end of my patience and just wish that the whole wedding was over. Has ANYONE else had these problems or is it all just my luck!! :action34
Sinful Posts: 956
OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I dont believe you that is F*ckin terrible >:o( i wouldnt take anything what they give me and make sure they get what you ordered and tell them you will take them to court if they dont cos Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980 says you have to or you can bring them to the small claims court .. i have done this with a phone shop and it worked they freeze when you quote that and do everything for you... You have to be tough though and refuse to leave the shop or get off the phone until they sort it out
aylala Posts: 3673
:eek Janey Mack :eek I hope you get it sorted hun
Sinful Posts: 956
Im soo angry for you i would take it upon myself to ring them for you or go to their shops and get this sorted for you.... OH MY GOD I JUST THINK THATS F'ING TERRIBLE O:| O:| O:| O:|
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Saw this already in old faithful but Oh my God you poor pet, it is shocking.
froggys woman Posts: 48
Gosh gals, thanks for support but i'm really worried now as it doesn't appear to be happening to anyone else!!! Jez, not that I want it to, but it would be a wee comfort :-8 to know that I'm not the only bride that this is happening to, I really must have GOBSHI*E written on my forehead!! :wv
Loreve Posts: 501
Poor you, what a pain in the ar3e! I'm lucky not to be in the same situation but only because of past experience, I never trust anyone to order in the right thing for me, so have to do it myself! (one of the reasons I did my own silk flowers). I hope it all comes right in the end. IF the bridesmaids dresses are wrong you should get lots of money off. When my SIL go married, she bought her dress from Arnotts (yes it was a while ago), when they altered it, they 'pulled' the material a bit. You would barely notice it but she created such a stink that they gave her a 'going away' outfit free of charge (worth about 200punts at the time) So kick up and demand satisfaction. Fecking egits!! O:|
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
O:| I just want to Let Off Steam on your behalf - this is terrible - hope it all works out and do kick some ass with these suppliers!!!