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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi Ladies Went to bed last night thinking i would be in better mood this morning...but i'm not. Basically, as a wedding gift, H2B's parents offered to get us our homeymoon :o)ll but it was working out too expenisve so we decided that we wou;d get out own and if they really wanted to get us something they could get the cake or something....all was grand So we started looking at locations then we decided on Puerto Rico, we love it there but again, the expence!...then we decided on a last min package deal closer to the date Then another twist, H2B went an a walk with the dog and came back and said, i was thinking bout the honeymoon, (my face all lit up...) What ye think if we don't have one straight away? Maybe a year or so after we've settled in to the new house, (Moving this time next year hopefully) then the 3 of us can go away (son from a prev relationship) Ye like that's gonna happen! :o( Well I feel like such a selfish cow cause i'm not getting a honeymoon.... Are honeymoons that important? Is anyone else not having one?
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
We went on our HM 7 months after our wedding (just this past July/ August) & it was a great idea! It gave us something to look forward to after the excitement of the wedding, and also gave us a chance to save money towards it. I couldn't recommend doing that highly enough! Plus, after our wedding we were around and could meet all the people who had come from here, there & everywhere for our wedding. It was great!
angel1978 Posts: 1154
I think its important to some and not important to others. My own opinion is its not the end of the world to wait a while. We are going away to Sharm el Sheikh 3 weeks before the wedding for 2 weeks with our 2 kids and then there will be a 2 month gap to the next big holiday for the 4 of us. We are bringing the kids with us though as we love family hols and i would miss the kids terribly if i left them at home. I really dont see the big deal in jumping straight on a plane after the wedding but maybe if i had no house, no kids, no major commitments i possiby could be the one wanting to jump on that plane.
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
I think marking the occassion by having a honeymoon be it straight away or a few months later is important. Its a nice way of sealing the deal and having some special time together. I wasn't sure by your post if it was the fact your step child would be going was bothering you. As a way of keeping you and h2b happy why don't you say you'd like the two of you to go away for a week as planned straight away and then the 3 of you could go at a later time but that you would like that special time alone with h2b to start off married life? I'd be very disappointed not to have a honeymoon, for me it wouldn't matter where it is just that its a nice way of celebrating such a big step in life with some quality time together.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
I know what H2B is saying is right...i mean we'll have the wedding to pay for then moving......all will add up...and sure it's not like were not having one at all just later....I just always had it in my head that a day or so after it you hop on a plane to a hot country and spend a week in pure newlywed bliss sipping shampers by the poolside eating expensive meals..........damm wedding industry, should really sue them for false and misleading information :o0
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
twinkelle here's a definition for a honeymoon - A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion - I think that says it all! Just tell h2b the marraige is a one off (please god) and you want to have that special time together to mark it.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi Missy Moo Moo Ah no thats not bothering me at what you said, it would be a nice way to mark the occasion by having some quality time just the 2 of us after the wedding....but with everything that will be happening after may not make it possible Little boy is my son from a prev relationship...not little anymore though he's 7 The more i think about it, H2B is probably right...i mean right now getting a new home for the 3 of us is more important that a holiday. We're having hassle from youths in the area and want nothing more than to gwt the hell outta here
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
Oh hope you get moved soon sounds terrible, maybe you could even do a few days away down the country just to get some time alone to mark it
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Beleive it or not thats what i was thinking nice weekend away in Galway or something that won't break the bank
Lucille-Bluth Posts: 1145
If it comes down to the fact that you just cant afford to go then there is no shame in that. Too many couples are putting themselves under enormous pressure to have a honeymoon in a far flung location that costs tens of thousands because they feel people will look at them funny if they dont. My parents' honeymoon was one night in a hotel in Wicklow and they are still married 30 years later. Any night you spend away anywhere with your new husband and your child is a honeymoon if that's what you want it to be - one night in Wicklow or one month in Dubai are both equally valid honeymoon destinations. If it takes a few months/years before you get to Puerto Rico then so be it. Dont put yourself under pressure to get there and dont ever feel ashamed if you dont.