Are Irish Ladies Good Messers?

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hestia Posts: 2368
We can give dem lads a run for their money surely. Who have we got among the paid circuit of comedians... Eleanor Tiernan anyone? Hit and miss but hits well when on target. Maeve Higgins's barbed wired whimsy gets another thumbs up too. Carol Tobin anyone? Is that it? Then there's the non-circuit funnies. Marian Keyes and (counts fingers) Dana. We're f*cked.
Ellefun Posts: 1312
Maeve Higgins and her dry human; she's funny alright but the comedy circuit seems to be male dominated, that's for sure. Andi Osho can be good too. Think she 1st came to attention on Mock the Week. Can't abide Jo Brand or Jenny Eclair. Us women can be funny but maybe we're just too busy ruling the world, to be bothered with the comedy circuit.
R2theB Posts: 1660
I don't really like[i:1b6ogy6u] any[/i:1b6ogy6u] Irish comedians, male or female. I just think Irish people are naturally funny, even moreso now that I meet several people from 'out foreign' on a daily basis through work, so Irish stand-up just doesn't sit well with me. More likely to roar laughing down the pub of an evening with a group of friends. Americans do stand up the best I reckon. Check out Maria Bamford, a very funny lady I was lucky enough to see at the Bulmer's comedy festival a couple of years ago, ribbing the standard lady comic, absolutely hilarious!!
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
Eleanor Tiernan is appallingly awful.
sligo42 Posts: 213
[quote="boopboop":1jk27q8x]Eleanor Tiernan is appallingly awful.[/quote:1jk27q8x] i agree - or i just don't get her humour
hestia Posts: 2368
Have waded through a few of her shows. There's usually a gem among the general. An average stand-up. Dining out on Tommy's ticket maybe? Will check yer woman out, R2theB. Not a fan of most of the "lads" on the local scene although I'd put McSavage up there among the greats. We've had the argument about him on WOL before but I'd cheerfully have it again. Ellefun, some of my favourite comedians are female (Rivers, Silverman, Long etc.) but they're particulary few and far between here. Trying to think of other funny Irish women. What about Sharon Hogan? Have liked the few snippets I've seen and read. Get the feeling she'd be my kinda woman. But she'd to leg it to London to get a break. Deirdre O'Kane? Great actress but Christ..that whiney voice. Still like to quote her men are hunters, wimmin are bargain hunters line all the same. Jean McWeatherwoman's yellow dress last night was kinda funny...
trance Posts: 3129
[quote="sligo42":1ttoh6h9][quote="boopboop":1ttoh6h9]Eleanor Tiernan is appallingly awful.[/quote:1ttoh6h9] i agree - or i just don't get her humour[/quote:1ttoh6h9] Pardon my ignorance, but is she related to Tommy?!
winklefairy Posts: 907
[quote="trance":1xaof8ju][quote="sligo42":1xaof8ju][quote="boopboop":1xaof8ju]Eleanor Tiernan is appallingly awful.[/quote:1xaof8ju] i agree - or i just don't get her humour[/quote:1xaof8ju] Pardon my ignorance, but is she related to Tommy?![/quote:1xaof8ju] I was wondering the same so googled it earlier - she's his cousin.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
Yep she's his cousin, and the first joke I ever heard her make was how she'd give him a b-job to further her career or something along those lines, never disliked someone so quick, stupid attempt at attention seeking humour.
candlequeen Posts: 991
I don't find any Irish female comediennes funny - not because they're Irish, but in spite of that. I only laugh at three female comediennes - Jo Brand, Sarah Millican & Kathy Burke. Legends.