Are maternity hospitals all much the same?

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Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I'm referring specifically to Dublin where we have a choice of three specialist maternity hospitals. As far as I can tell from my research that Rotunda, Coombe and NMH have the same facilities. The numerous "versus" threads often show that preference is based on family and friends recommendations or following a particular consultant. There seem to be horror stories and happy stories for all. Contrary to popular belief it seems that the "National" in NMH is a quirk and it does not in fact have any special designation as the national specialist centre. All three have intensive care units for babies (none have ICU for Mums) Many of the consultants have worked in some or all of the maternity hospitals at some point in their careers. It has been proposed that all three be merged - so surely they can't be so varied in their practices? The only thing I have found is that the NMH is (in)famous for practicing Active Management of Labour - is this the case elsewhere as well? Any opinions?
Sassypants Posts: 4461
The amount of days they will let you go "over" before induction and their rate of csections vary too. I think have some statistics. I found NMH fine and wasn't put under any pressure to get baby out in a certain time. NMH are less likely to want to give you a section as far as I'm aware due to their lower rate. Are you up the duff?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I chose Holles Street because I wanted a particular consultant and they have the longest overdue policy at 14 days. Fat lot of good it did me! Anyway, I think you'll hear good and bad about every hospital and doctor. My mum had us all there and that was another reason I went there. I heard nightmare stories about it, as you do about every hospital, but I had no major issues at all.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
There's very little to choose between them, IMO. The 14-days overdue policy in HS was important to me - in the other hospitals they'll recommend induction a little earlier. I'm not crazy about all the aspects of Active Management in Labour that HS advocates, but I'm happy to discuss that with my consultant beforehand and I'd plan to decline the parts of it I don't want. But really the differences are very minor, and won't apply to every woman anyway. If I was told I had to go to a particular one of the Dublin hospitals I'd be fairly happy either way.
gopro Posts: 1801
the 10day over policy in the coombe was one of the reason I choose the coombe also the visiting rules suited me in that the Visitor card was in my name so my mam could come in when DH wasn't able and 2 visitors allowed 6.30-8.30 also the car park was a plus although small my app's were always early so went in and got parking and when in labour DH was given a discount card for the parking. also I forgot to say scanning was another reason for me i wanted to go public n got a dating and anomaly scan
Dovetail Posts: 293
The other thing to consider is scans. Holles St for example don't usually offer a dating scan. It'll vary of course though depending on whether you're public or private.
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
I chose the Rotunda for its closeness, its 10 day overdue policy and my friend had a horrible experience in Holles street. Going back there for my second baby and once again I think they are great. Didn't like the night nurses last time but that could have been just bad luck but everything else gets a big thumbs up. Ok, so I've had one child but never heard of this active labour management - anyone care to explain?
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Never thought about the overdue policy, interesting. Sassypants I hope so, I'll know in the next couple of days. Actually I've been interested in this for a while even before TTC crossed our minds, most of my friends are mothers already and they all have such strong views on the hospitals it's like a sorting hat scenario whenever the topic comes up... Don't get them started on public or private.
MrsAC Posts: 1190
I chosed the come for simple reason it was the nearest to me and they only had a 10 overdue policy, a friend of my did give out about the NMH that they only gave her pandol for pain relief for a 2nd degree tear : / she was in bits !!!
ructions Posts: 2689