Are Pandora charms a standard price?

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always_hoping2 Posts: 225
Hi girls just wondering about the pricing of Pandora. Have a catalogue with price list so I assumed all jewelers had the same set price. However dh said he was talking to someone during the week who said a jewelers in Cork were doing buy one get one half price??? I rang around a few places and the closest thing I came to was buy 10 get one free (a loyalty scheme)... I'm guessing he got it wrong! Or did he??? Also has anyone used or know anything about the site Their pandora charms are really really cheap, though they seem to have a limited selection. Would they be genuine do ye think?
Diamondz Posts: 2208
If it seems too good to be true then it probably is... I haven't looked on that website, but is there any indication on the site as to where the business is being run from... I hear there are a lot of "companies" in China making out that they are trading from the UK but are selling fakes, so I would be wary...