Are the Gentlebirthing cd's just music?

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lush11 Posts: 2877
I'm really interested in the gentle birthing thing cos anything to relax me can only be good but kinda confused what they are about. Is it just relaxing music or is there someone talking you through the relaxation or both???
babyforus Posts: 1619
Would be interested in info on these too if anyone has used them! Thanks!
lincoln Posts: 387
No they're not just music - my favourite tracks are the birth affirmations and there's also a visualisation track for relaxation. There are some parenting ones also which I haven't gotten on to. I find the affirmations track particularly good - it affirms positive things about the birth which make sense and hopefully are going into the sub-conscious once you listen to them over and over. Perhpas some other users can give more info. I'm usually asleep before I get any further!
Flossie38 Posts: 653
Similar to Lincoln, they are a self hypnosis tool, now don't think have ever actually got into an actual hypnotic state, but they are very good for relaxation & normally send me off to sleep if am having problems dropping off. I do think that they are helping as I don't feel in the least bit fazed about impending labour - there is a Gentlebirthing thread here which you could post on & tracey will no doubt respond.