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ellee Posts: 666
Basically, if you are private you pay for everything - blood tests, scans etc etc. This should be quantifiable at the start but there is always a risk that you're pregnancy won't be a standard one and you may require extra procedures. Sounds scary BUT if you have VHI they should cover much of the extra costs you might encounter as they cover medically necessary hospital costs. Trouble is, hard to know what that is. For example, my waters went but I didn't go into labour, was THREE nights in hospital waiting. If I'd had a private room that would have been €900/night and that is NOT covered by VHI (or so they told me). But as many of the girls say, perhaps you could go into a public ward until the baba came. When I was trying to decide this time, I worked out what my last pg would have cost (rang Coombe and VHI) if I'd been sp or private. We didn't have a standard time of it, several anomaly, scans, blood tests, an amnio, waiting around with waters gone, baba spent a night in special care unit so was an an extra night in at end also (If you're private, baba treated as private too unless you sepcify otherwise) . All told, I think Private would have been about €7k and SP about €3500. Yikes, nuff said I went public again! And of course, this pg has been completely plain sailing so far :heartbeat: . In just don't want to be thinking about the cost to be honest and I was very happy with the care I received although did NOT particularly like my 6 night stay in the hospital. All that said, not sure how rigorous VHI actually are about their parametres. I know some people end up with leaking waters and stuck in the hospital for weeks on end. Surely no one could pay private for that? And also, if you start to become concerned about the costs, there's no issue at switching to public at any time during your pregnancy. hth!
borntobeamammy Posts: 324
im private in kilkenny and its costing me 2995,as far as im aware anything i have done is covered in this,and ive had 2 weekly scans initially and since 20 weeks have 3 weekly,i pay at different stages and so far havnt paid for anything extra,my anomoly scan was included and that was done by sanographer too.Maybe it depends on where you go private,im seeing my cons in private clinics and not in the hospital .
ellee Posts: 666
Hi OurYear, re-read you OP & tags and your history looks quite complicated, you must be under cons care already? Why don't you talk to them about it and your concerns? Get an idea of the kind of complications you may be at risk for and check with VHI what they would cover in those situations? My experience only refers to Dublin I'm afraid, might be v different in Galway. I found the secretary's of the various Coombe cons here quite helpful as to giving an idea of costs and what was covered by cons fee etc. Good luck with your pg and I really hope it is your year! *)
borntobeamammy Posts: 324
sorry i dint see your complicated history,we were ttc since may 08 and long story short we had no success anyway turned out id endometrosis and had to haev hormone treatment after i had surgery to try remove it,anyway i got pregant very quickly after this and i would not hesitate about going private. OK so we havnt got the money and my mam lent us a few hundred,i dont have to pay it all in full up front but in stages.My attitude was this might be the one and only time i get pregnant so why put a cost on that,you will find the money form somewhere,when you go public you get scanned once twice if lucky and might not hav your first scan til 15plus. Going private is a very personal thing and even now we cant afford it as ive to pay another grand week before xmas and havnt a clue where i will get it but really its invaluable knowing my baby is healthy and ive been scanned about 10 times since i got pregnant and being reassured evry 2 weeks thats all is ok.I had the discussion when i was early pregnant about this and im so glad im going private.Ive had very reduced anxieties and i can call the clinice any time im worried and they will fit me in,thankfully i only had to fone them once. Its your choice but with your history i wouldnt take any chances and would want to be monitored closely,im surprised your cons hasnt had this discussion with you all ready and given you the pros and cons,talk to them about your concerns and there paying plan and yeah its alot of money but youve prob spent alot getting to this point why now put a price on it that your pregnant,protect the bean you have now!!! Thats just my opinion hun and from my experience its money well spent(Coz the amount of scans,consul appts ive had its well over the 3k i am paying) Good luck,its a big decision xxxx
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
This is my 5th time being pregnant. I have 3 children and have had 1 missed mc which ended with an erpc. The only thing beside the cons fees I've ever paid was the anethestist for an epidural I had on my first baby. It was 100euros. I've stayed a couple of nights before in my private room before going to labour ward (because of going in in early stages of labour while being overdue and scheduled for induction a couple of days later anyway. We live about an hour from hospital) and was never charged. I had VHI. I'm in Cork.
OurYear Posts: 1002
Hi [b:2sipmkil]Ellee, Borntobeamammy[/b:2sipmkil] - yes my history sure is long and complicated.....and that is the primary reason I am going private, like BTBM said, it could be my only pregnancy also (although have a few frozen embryos so hoping I'll get lucky again - but I can take absolutely nothing for granted, and I wouldnt rule our IVF again if it comes to that). Anyways I'm still under the care of the fertility clinic, so I am getting scanned every week at the moment because of bleeds ( had 2 so far). I will be 9 weeks next week and at that stage they sign off on me! I'll be under a consultant from then. I've decided to stay under the consultant I was under in the fertility clinic, so there is a smooth transition and I know how to access them very quickly if there's an emergency. it's just sometimes i feel pangs of guilt about the money... we've already spent up to 15K this year on treatment and associated costs :eek ....and with serious pay cuts, we just have to watch every penny now. Having said that, I know peace of mind is priceless, so we are definitely going private...I intend to get scanned weekly until I know this bleeding has stopped, and I know the only way of doing this is going private. Although I did have to go through several rounds of fertility treatment to get this far, once you get're supposed to be like any other pregnant person - but unfortunately for me because of bleeds I'm not! Thanks for all the info. I'm going to ring VHI today and get some info and I'll talk to consultant on Tuesday, at my next appointment. :wv
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
Good luck Ouryear2010. I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.
bolababy Posts: 706
Hey Our year, just saw that you are an IVF baby. Just wondering if you want to have another baby, would you be better off going publicly and saving money for any future fertility cycles that you wanted. ( sorry if that seems a rude thing to say, I dont mean that way at all, I just know, if I had to go through fertility treatment for my babies I'd be afraid we'd run out of money and I'd have to cancel a cycle or something)
hartley Posts: 826
Ouryear2010 from what I remember you are in Galway, so I am. VHI covers everything else, room, epidural, pathology etc. The 3200 pays for all the consultants visit, scans, them being at the delivery etc. You will get no extra bills. I was expecting twins at the start of my last pregnancy (until 17 weeks) and had loads of extra scans, no extra charges at all. It was brilliant care and I am going private again this time. It’s a personal and financial choice but worth every penny in my opinion for peace of mind. The 4 week scans etc are fantastic (they check the fluid levels around baby & I know of one lady who lost her baby due to fluid loss and no one knew), the care you get during delivery ( I had a forceps/epistomy delivery and was off all pain relief by day 2, he did such a good job on me) and you also get the consultant anesthetist for the epidural and consultant pediatrician checked out the baby. Not everyone can effort it in the current climate but if you can it is money very well spent in my opinon.