Are there many here who don't want children ?

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clairej Posts: 251
Hey there I am just being noesy really. I was having a chat with a few of my friends last week when the topic of children came up. It turns out thet out of a group 8 of us , ages 26-41 only 3 wanted children. I am in the non wanting categrory. I know from experience that many people find my not wanting children to be somehow offensive or weird lol , so it was nice to talk to people who are making the same choice as myself. I am just wondering really if there are many women on this forum who don't want children. :-8 Thanks
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
Think there was a topic on this before Replies should be interesting I dont think I know anyone who doesnt want children I personally would like to have 2-4(if I am blessed & can afford it!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Yes I don't want any children welcome to my club.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
It's not a decision I understand but certainly one I respect. I love children. Have one precious dd and we hope to eventually have another 2 but I do know that it's not for everyone. I would never condemn anyone for making that choice and think that it's terrible when people do.
w.w.wonder Posts: 297
Can fully understand why some people don't want to have children. For a long time couldn't picture myself with children, always kinda hoped it would happen one day but wouldn't have been surprised or disappointed if I ended up with just a load of cats and dogs. However, for some reason things changed and I really want to have kids, to the point that when we weren't going out together for very long (6 months) I said to H2B that if he didn't see children in his future that there was not much point in us going out together. It is torture that he wants us to be married before we have children and exciting as all this wedding planning is I'm more looking forward to trying to get pregnant on honeymoon. And no, I don't think its an age thing or something that comes to us all in time. I think some people men and women, genuinely do not want children of their own and that should be respected. More babysitters for the rest of us
Sumire Posts: 136
I really want kids, up till I met h2b I wasn't bothered either way I thought I might some time far far into the future but it wouldn't have bothered me if I didn't have any. But now I really do & can't wait to start as soon as we get married and have 3 or 4 (hopefully!) Can totally understand other people not wanting any though & I hate when other people have a problem with women who don't want kids or act condenscendingly towards them, saying when they're older they'll want them & all the nonsense.
Maria1983 Posts: 390
To be perfectly honest, I can't understand people who don't want children because I see nothing greater than devoting your life to creating a little person and watching them grow into a wonderful man or a woman who will go to school, college, fall in love... and maybe have children of their own. I see no greater joy than creating this life with a person you love and watching it grow and develop. But that's me. Having said that, I respect the decision not to have children, because that means that - for whatever reason - a person decided that they are better off not being a parent, and who knows, maybe they could have been a wondeful parent, but they made a conscious decision that's right by them. But I'm just thinking of the amount of people today that have children and then neglect them or abuse them or worse (and generally should not be allowed anywhere near children) and I wish they had made that decision...
jdawg Posts: 171
A lot of people don't want to devote their life to a dependent. A partner is not a dependent whereas a child is. A child makes everything you wish to do that little bit harder, your career, travelling, even a night out on a whim rather than having to be planned. I for one am mad about children and my fiance and I are hoping to have children down the road but I totally understand why many people choose not to. :wv
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Think the decision to (or not) have children is a personal one but wish everyone gave the thought serious consideration. All babies are adorable but how many people think about the realities and challenges that being a parent brings. There are too many children in difficult home situations which were not of their making and too many parents that throw their hands up and walk away when things get difficult
w.w.wonder Posts: 297
Also, there are people who would love to have children but are unable to do so, its easier for them to say we don't want to have children than to have people feel sorry for them when they say we can't have children