Are throat lozenges ok when pregnant?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hey girls, I've a really dry cough and it's keeping me awake. Is it okay to take Strepsils? Have done so without thinking, for the last couple of nites and now it's occurred to me that they may not be suitable during pregnancy although it doesn't say anything on the pack. Really annoyed with myself now for not looking into this before taking them. :duh: I just didn't think of them as "medicine" I suppose.
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
hey, what kind of strepsils are say for now on use halls soothers or something, or try some honey(not sure are u allowed that in preg) Dont worry a few strepsils wont do babs any harm please god, but if you are worried maybe give the doc a buzz tomor?? dont stress yourself too much xx
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
They're the Honey and Lemon ones. As I said tho, nothing on the pack about not taking them during pregnancy. I went looking for a cough bottle in the cupboard a while ago and the one I found stated that you should consult your doctor before taking it during pregnancy..which in turn led me to question the safety of Strepsils. Think I'll stay away from them anyway. Here I am avoiding all the dodgy foodstuffs and then I go and take something like this without even thinking about it. Grrrr. :duh:
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
i know we can watch and watch ourselves but you cant think of everything!! the honey and lemon ones should be fine so i wouldnt be too worried, i had some chocolates with peanutes in them (our family have serious allergies so avoiding them in case babs is allergic)thought of it after and felt so guilty but you cant watch e verything!! hope you feel better soon :o)ll
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Just read the following on the website: [b:1t7j9ii3]The safety of Strepsils Honey and Lemon during pregnancy and lactation has not been established, but it is not considered to constitute a hazard during these periods.[/b:1t7j9ii3] Too vague for me. Definitely not taking them again. Cheers for the response Babyontheway. Appreciate it.
marles Posts: 1397
I'm just coming out the other side of my horrible head cold. I was told not to take strepsils (my brother the Pharmacist).There are some of the strepsils that "could" be ok.But not worth it. Halls soothers were fine I took the strawberry one and the Blackcurrant one. I hope you feel better soon,I ended up on antibiotics as I just wasn't able to fight it.