Are Tummy Bugs bad for baby?

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I woke up Sat night in the middle of the night with cramps, i thought i might have diarrhoea (sorry for the TMI!) but didnt, managed to get back to sleep eventually but kind of had sore tummy on and off all day yesterday and last night had a bad bout of diarrhoea. Slept Ok last night but decided to go to the doc today just to be on the safe side. He had a feel of my tummy and we listened to the heart beat and he thought that everything was Ok and that it was just one of thoses things but I’m wondering does having a tummy bug affect the baby in any way? Do they even notice? I of course was totally freaked out that i had Listeria or some other strange infection but I looked up the symptoms on my baby book and I dont think think i have that (I’m probably a little bit of a hypocondriac!). My 28 week scan is Fri week and I’m thining I should just leave it till then and mention it to the consultant then as the cramps are more or leess gone now and all I’ve really got now is a gas/wind going on (again sorry for the info!) and a general “un comfortable” feeling like my intestines are adoing a bit of a loop de loop I seem to be constantly worried about something
Bright Flower Posts: 483
Don't worry baby will be fine - they still take all the goodness out of your food/ blood. I had a tummy bug/ food poisoing a while back. I asked the consultant when I saw him a few days later and he wasn't worried at all.
babs76 Posts: 1000
Thanks Bright Flower....hope things are going good for you :thnk