Are u getting a video man

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Fiona13 Posts: 1366
I'm still in two minds if i will get a video man for our wedding ?
Ceana Posts: 1387
I voted Yes, as for me its something we can look back on in years to come. Also its a great way to see, as there is parts of the wedding that you miss on the day, and its great to get to see that.
willful Posts: 6822
No, no, no! Hate being videoed, a friend that got married recently even commented that in her wedding video you can visibly see me cringe when I spot the camera for the first time-really don't think I could handle stressing out about that onthe wedding day! I love looking at photos though so made sure we got a photographer we really like and feel comfortable with instead.
bumpedy bump Posts: 736
Definetly NO! it was the one thing H2B said when we started planning the wedding - no video. But i was thinking along the same lines myself - hate being videoed and the hearing the sound of my own voice.
KarinaBride Posts: 1
I got married a few months ago and had a wonderful day, everything was just right, a perfect day in many ways. I just have one BIG regret. And that was not having a wedding video. So much happened on the day, it was impossible to take it all in. Even though I don't really like video cameras, I still really regret not having booked a professional. I've been to weddings since and hardly even noticed the video man. Also, I regret it now because when kids come along they are eventually going to ask "mammy, can we watch your wedding dvd", and I'll have to say "no, we didn't bother to get one and wish we had". :duh: It is the ONLY regret that I have from my wedding day. O:|
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
We weren't going to get one, but then a guy I was on a course with offered to do it free of charge as long as he can use it on his website as a demo. He's a start-up business like myself, so we had no problem whatsoever. Actually really looking forward to it now!
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
I was totally bagainst having one and H2B said he didn't mind so I got 4 samples sent to me from different companies. 3 I didn't lik but 1 was really nice, very natural and not "in your face", no one was looking and smilining dirently into the camera whcih I thought was very nice...
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
No. We'll prob get one of our friends to catch the speaches and some of the day on his camcorder. I just don't like the idea of them tbh.
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
we were saying no all the time.. then about 6 weeks ago we caved and now we're having one.. i'm really pleased we are. just over a week to go i'm so excited and i want to capture every single thing to keep forever!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
My sis had one and she pouted and preened all the way through the ceremony cos she knew the camera was on her. It was actually very funny, but she nearly died when she saw it afterwards she didnt realise she was so bad. :yelrotflmaosmilie: My ex (bf at time obviously) brought his camera and it was the one we always watched. He knew most people so knew who would get drunk, make fools of themselves etc and it was great. The professional fella went to the reception and left camera on a stand at the side of dancefloor and that was about it. Im getting H2B parents to bring their one.