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Woodstock Posts: 1565
I'm currently on week 6 (almost 7!) and I contacted a private clinic and they said that I can go in for a scan at 8 weeks and then if I want, again at 12 weeks. DH suggested to wait for 12 week and his line of thoughts is the following: Even if you see the little bean's heartbeat, it's still not safe to tell anybody as you're not out of the woods till after week 12. On the other side if we go for a scan at 8 weeks and then something happens afterwards (God forbids) it'd be even worse because at that point you've already seen the babs and his/her heartbeat so it will be harder to recover - hence... we're waiting to scan after 12 weeks. Are we the only ones? Everybody seems to go in for scans from week 7 onwards!
09Dreams Posts: 260
Hi Woodstock, I think I agree with your DH. I'm over 10wks but had a scan at 9wks due to some issues early on. It was great and we got to see the heartbeat but had a little scare this weekend. After making a call and being reassured all is OK, we had a chat about it and DH said that if we'd lost the baby it would have been so much worse than if we'd never had the 9wk scan and seen the heartbeat. Maybe that applies more for men cause I don't think it's as real for them until they see the heartbeat. Our next scan is at 14 weeks so hopefully we'll be out of the woods then and can just enjoy it all the more! Hope that helps, just my opinion and can see where your DH is coming from. Good luck!
sapphire09 Posts: 393
I don't know if I agree with you there Woodstock, although I understand what you mean, I'm a day behind you and have had spotting a good bit recently and I'm just so worried all the time, it's horrible. I've booked an early scan for when I'm nearly 9 weeks because I don't think I could stand a further 3 weeks worrying on top of that. At the moment it doesn't really feel 'real' to me yet, and I'm half afraid of getting excited about being pregnant, or even talking much about babs. I know everyone says not to worry etc but I do, and at least if the scan in 2 weeks shows everything's ok at that time it'll lessen my worrying a bit until I get the next scan done. So in my opinion my early scan will be (please god) a bit of stress relief!
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thats a really good point woodstock. We have booked a private scan i just couldn't feel comfortable with the idea of waiting until January when i will be 20 weeks pregnant for my first scan. To be honest thou i think i would be equally upset if anything was to go wrong as would DH whether we could see our bean or not. We have scan booked for next week so ill be nearly nine weeks by then and close to the so called safe 12 weeks but find myself worrying all the time if everything is ok and finally we booked because my gp is insisting that i am already ten weeks as my lmp was august and i know that i am only eight as i was temping !
Woodstock Posts: 1565
sapphire09, I understand what you mean but you're getting an earlier scan because you've had spotting - I would too in that case. The post was intended for when there are not complications and just for the sake of seeing the baby - if you had the chance, wouldn't you want to see him when you know there are very few chances than anything will go wrong from then on and you can now officially tell you're PG from that point onwards?
sapphire09 Posts: 393
Hey Woodstock, maybe you're right, if I didn't have any spotting at all maybe I wouldn't be as worried......
Sassy Posts: 2269
I didn't think you could get a scan in Holles street until you where 20wks??
Bun in the oven Posts: 169
I'm 9+4 according to my dates and my GP... and I'm having my dating scan at 11weeks in the coombe I was going to try get an early scan if my appointment with the coombe was going to be in December but luckily enough I got a cancellation so we decided to wait for that and not to go for an early scan ..... it still won't seem real till I get it done so fingers crossed everything will be ok ... i understand your hubby's logic but i think if I was going to be over 12 weeks before I got my dating scan I woul have booked a private one earlier then that ( that's just my opinion)
Woodstock Posts: 1565
[quote="Sassy":3n4twqt8]I didn't think you could get a scan in Holles street until you where 20wks??[/quote:3n4twqt8] Correct, our appt in Holles St. is at 15 weeks but we most likely won't be scanned on that instance but will have to wait till week 20 - which is why I contacted a private clinic that offered to scan us at either week 8 or 12 (or both if we want). It's €100 per scan and I've been really tempted to book both scans, but I'm listening (for once!) to DH and because we haven't had any scares yet he's inclined to wait for 12 weeks when we can relax afterwards as opposed to seeing the baby at 8 weeks and then worrying for another 4 in case we lose him/her. And (God forbids) if that happened it would be worse because at that stage we would have already seen our little one's heart beating :lvs
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
I was in the same boat. My first appointment isn't scheduled until 18weeks, and I just couldn't wait that long. We went for a private scan at 10 weeks and it was great to see a heartbeat. Yes there is that worrying stage now, but I went to my GP this morning and she listened for the heartbeat with the doppler, so you have that option.