Are you adding a theme in reception hall?

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Cinderella08 Posts: 13
Hi all, Wonder how many of you are going to get the main reception room into a theme?,, Fairy lights, Extra lighting???.. Would love to hear some original idea's.. Is there any companys that specialise in adding themes to your reception hall? Thanks :wv Cinders..
lil kim Posts: 436
hey there, not a theme as such, were puttin up fairy lights and some white linen with lights behind it, were having white and gold tables and white chair covers with a gold sash, the hotel provide them as a huge discount!! :o0 :o0 for the table names were thinking along the lines of famous couples or xmas songs as were getting married new years eve!! not too sure on that detail yet though!!
yummum2010 Posts: 407
We're sort of having a Celtic theme - H2B is Scottish so all the placecards on the tables will have a small shamrock for the Irish crowd and a thistle for the Scottish crowd. Kilts are being worn too! A bagpiper will pipe us into the reception. Our table names are being named after all the places we travelled on our world tour - good memories! Would like Fairy lights at the back of the top table too but trying to source them O:|
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
I'm hoping to have a real, summer tropical party feeling. Habing sparkling wine for the pre-reception so hoping to add some red fruit syrup thing to it to make cocktails!! Having loads of orange/red on tables and hoping, if the lighting guys can do it, to change the room after the reception to red lighting all along the walls for a real party feel. I hope these guys can do it anyways, they claim to be able to do it on their website, so fingers crossed!!! :o0
edit Posts: 982
[quote="AshBride":1ftftb82]I'm hoping to have a real, summer tropical party feeling. [/quote:1ftftb82] Would love to have this too but wouldn't know where to start. Any ideas?
Cinderella08 Posts: 13
They are some really lovely idea's girls.. I wonder is there someone or a company you can hire to add the finishing touches to your reception hall? I have no clue either where to start looking.. :eek Cinder's..
Deise Bride Posts: 352
A crowd called do the fairy light back drops if thats any help! Think they are based in Clonmel in Tipperary but would surely travel I reckon
rubies Posts: 1375
Receptions appear to be a lot cheaper than Gotcha covered and some of the other crowds. Still trying to suss out where I can get the best deal as regards fairy lights and chair covers. Gotcha covered charge double the quote I got from Receptions and the woman I dealt with wasn't exactly pleasant. If anyone knows of a great deal out there please let me know.