Are you allowed to bring baby's bottles onto planes?

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Hi girls, quick question... we are flying to Spain in a couple of am I going to bring my baby's bottles on board the plane with the restrictions they have on liquids?? We feed our baby the ready-made 200ml cartons of Aptimal 1st milk. Our water is not good quality, even when boiled (the sodium content is way too high as we have our own well) so we cannot use our water. We have tried using bottled water but by the time we bought the bottled water and the powdered formula, it was coming up the same price as to buy the ready-made cartons. So that's what we use. So, am I going to be allowed to bring the 200ml ready-made cartons on board the plane to feed her on the flight over and to feed her while we are in departures lounge?? If I pour them into bottles, the formula will go sour after 2 hours. So I really need the cartons to be sealed...only problem is that they are in 200ml size and the max. allowed as far as I know is 100ml on flights. Does anyone know do they exempt baby formula?? Thanks ladies...
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hi there. I recently flew through Dublin and had no problem with ready made cartons of formula - I just said to the security guy straight away 'there's baby formula in there' and he waved me through. I brought pre sterilized bottles and the TT disposable bottles. However I was going on a long haul flight then from Heathrow and thigns were much more complicated... in Heathrow they made me open two cartons and taste them and I was terrified they'd make me taste more as we had a 13 hour flight ahead of us!!! But we tasted two and kept 5 sealed. I also had to open my two pouches of Ellas Organic food O:| but the air hostess put them on ice for us. Then on the way back through Heathrow I was waved through with my cartons as long as they were in a plastic bag! Soit seemed to depend on the person on duty. Strangely the person on the way back was a woman..... funny that. ANyway, in short, Dublin was no problem. Have a great trip!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Miranda H, thanks so much. That's a relief. And you've given me some good info re: extra cartons...I should allow for one of two to be opened to make me taste them so I will pack extra cartons to allow for that. We are also flying from Dublin. Thanks for the info!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Havent brought a baby on a flight since the liquid restrictions came in so thanks for reminding me. only 8 wks pregnant but when baby is 7months we have my BILs wedding in Italy so I must see what aerlingus policies are.
bam bam Posts: 1756
Yeah no probs leaving Dublin or Spain when we were away, I had three made up bottles in her bag and 2 water bottles and no problems. just took them out of bag to show them.