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Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Do you know what you want to achieve? Share it with the group. Gwan.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Sadly I'm not as ambitious as I was a few years ago..after losing my job last year I became disillusioned with my career path. Working again in same sort of finance job but at a lower level with less dosh. It's unfulfilling but not that stressful at least. I've looked into studying psychology but we're under a bit of pressure age-wise to get cracking on starting a family so change of career probably taking a back seat for now. What about you WCL, 'fess up!
hairdye Posts: 1129
I used to be [i:cssrgovc]very[/i:cssrgovc] ambitious career wise but since having my little boy my outlook has changed big time. I'm now trying to change the direction of my career so that I can work freelance and work part time. I'm majorly regretting becoming so specialised! But maybe that's because I'm suffering from returning to work jitters (going back to work in just over two weeks after maternity leave). I think my ambitions now are to be around my DH and boy as much as possible, work part time and have another baby.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
No, I never really was. I kind of ended up in a job that you'd think you need to be ambitious to get into but to be honest I just kind of got into the training system, ambled along and ended up where I am. I could go further but would have to do exams and more research....kind of allergic to the idea of that. All I ever really wanted was a decent job that I was interested in and the ability to work part time!
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Not really. I've always gone wherever life's taken me - I like surprises! We moved a lot when I was a child, so maybe that's a factor. Luckily, I've liked all my jobs except one, which I didn't stick around in. No desire to buy a house or car or anything for that matter. I'm enjoying life at the minute. I studied art & journalism & it would be great to make a living from artistic pursuits. I'm writing a book, who knows what's around the corner? Getting married soon, no particular urge for kids but it's something I'd like for us. We'll see what happens... Suppose my ambition is to keep having fun!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Having fun sounds a laudable goal to me. Ambitious. It's one of those words synonymous with the career go-getter inching along a visualised trajectory. Everything that's incompatible with my drifter tendencies. I'd a clearer sense of direction when I quite young without knowing it, embarked on a path towards achieving it, but was seduced by life and I was never one to think beyond the current contract. I've a fair degree of autonomy in my line of work, but the managerial side of things holds no appeal. All that having to look tidy and projecting a 'professional' persona and pretending to know more than everyone else. F*ck, it'd exhaust me and I proved to be spectacularly sh*te at it during one stint back in my late 20s. The power went to my head and I brought in a few reforms that included everyone knocking off at 3pm on a Friday and retiring to the pub next door for a weekly de-brief. Nowadays you have to remind 'your' staff about the rules of flexi-time and importance of photocopying all correspondence; I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face for that long. But I still have some ambition, things I want to achieve outside work-life. I think about it a lot. Procrastination - the first stage of any grand master plan worth its weight in nonsense.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Yes I think I am though not that I want that corporate idea of ambition followed by success. I'd like to find that place where I think I belong.....though maybe it is all about the journey.... I would like to feel I had made good effort at fulfilling my potential. I don't think I have yet- or I hope not- I'd be disappointed if I've peaked already! At this point, it is important to me to be good example to my daughters- I want them to look up to me and to be proud of me. I am also ambitious for my daughters in terms of wanting them to be independent, kind and spirited individuals. Sorry-very tired-rambling incoherence...night all
30something Posts: 644
Not at all ambitious. I want for very little and expect less.
Twirler Posts: 1644
Not so much now as I was in my 20s. Having a baby and the time away from work refocused my priorities. When I started working long hours weren't a problem, I just wanted to get ahead. Now, through a combination of being clearer about what I want and am prepared to do, and a number of years of being having work take over my life but get no recognition for it I've accepted that I'm not going to be a high flyer and that's ok with me. I've recently moved jobs within the same company, the two reasons were because the work interested me more and I felt the job would be easier to be flexible in - I can leave on time, pick up my daughter, spend a couple of hours of family time and then work in the evenings when she's gone to bed. Although having said that, the job was advertised as above my grade level so maybe I am still a bit ambitious!
Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
I used to be before DS came along. Worked long hours, sometimes coming home for dinner and heading back in later that night (actually did this up until 8 months pg) but since he came along I have lost all interest. I have since moved into a new position and although its challenging enough I can leave on time everyday and there is no pressure to do overtime. I dont know what happened, but being at home trying to feed my son a casserole while he point blanks refuses it is more appealing now to sitting in meetings getting heaps lots of responsibiliites and tasks assigned to me all with unrealistic target dates!! :o0 I admire women who can do both. We have a woman quite high up in our organisation and she had 3 kids all under the age of 6. She had a handy manager job, leaving on time and then this opportunity came up, she seems to cope very well it just wouldnt be for me... anymore!