are you being treated differently

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
in work? with friends? with family? with strangers? i find in work its a great novelty at the moment so everyones asking loads. my parents seem to "watch" me a lot. i catch them looking every time i "ahhhh" getting up from the chair or touch my stomach etc. DH is an angel, he's been doing EVERYTHING for me - with a smile! i'd be lost without him.
Crostini Posts: 1105
yep big time! my boss called me aside the other day and asked if i wanted to do a few days work from home a week to save me the drive in! my family are always jumpng up out of their seats whenever i go to visit so that i can sit down. OH does loads, he pulls me up from the couch, lifts me out of the bath when i need his help, cooks and cleans and refuses to let me carry even a shopping bag *)
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Everyone is great im loving it...but on the funny side I have one aunt who has never been pg who thinks Im somehow disabled!!Its hilarious she thinks I should be doing nothing only lying down and eating :o0 :o0
milis Posts: 7998
Nope, nobody's treating me differently at all! :weep Aside from looking at my tummy when they ask 'how are you?' or commenting on my weight constantly.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
yes! we have painting and varnishing going on in the corridor and the boss came down to me today and said that if I wanted to go home I should! He said there was no point coming in for the rest of the week and for the sake of a few days should stay away!!!! My poor colleagues were asked to take my workload if necessary! I'm off on hols tomorrow so said i'd stay put!
Salander Posts: 1639
aw Milis have a hug! :xox yeah i get tummy looks too - cos I just look like i ate all the chocolate (which i did!)
theoracle Posts: 7664
Errrrr, no. I am on number 3 so I suppose the novelty has worn off! :o0
Sphynx Posts: 6795
[quote="hu101":1enxmbk6]Errrrr, no. I am on number 3 so I suppose the novelty has worn off! :o0[/quote:1enxmbk6] Worn off by no. 2 in this case! Enjoy the fuss girls - I'm lucky to get a "how are you?" from my closest friends/in-laws!!!