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TanyaBarry Posts: 331
Hi All, are you buying each other gifts for the morning of the wedding. We werent going to but everyone is telling us we should
Yoda Posts: 3340
We booked a trip away for six months after the wedding as a pressie to each other, we went to Krakow in Poland for 4 days
tootsy Posts: 779
We wern't goint to either but think we will now, just something small and meaning full
enchanted-bride Posts: 146
I'm going to get him a pocket watch and inscribe something nice inside. Knowing him he'll get me something too but not asking him O:o)
bangel Posts: 2285
I think we will too. Well I will be anyway. Since we got engaged when I asked him what he was going to wear he always said a "komodo" tried to tell him that wasn't even something to wear (lizard) he said he didn't care. I know he was only pulling the pi$$. Managed to get some cufflinks with komodo dragons on them, so he'll be getting those. (super organised!!!). Just small things. Even just a letter maybe on top of that. I will be his present for life.
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
Nope. We didn't. We talked about it briefly and decided that there was no point. We were getting married, exchanging rings and pledging ourselves for life. That means more than any 'gift'.
garran9 Posts: 4401
Yip! H2B wants a watch and I am still deciding! Any ideas?
Aussie Bride Posts: 51
I'm not giving him a gift in the morning but I have organised a suprise for later. My fiance is a huge football fan (Aussie Rules, we live in Australia but will be married in Ireland)). I have organised for his favorite teams coach and a few players to put together a DVD congratulating us which will be played at the reception! I work in the industry but for another club so I called in some favours. My fiance has no idea and he will be floored! I am so excited about it!
annerush Posts: 27
i dont think we will. Im not a big present person anyway, maybe something small but probably just a card or letter
Mrs Boop Posts: 828 I've thought of making him something like this, like getting a nice notepad and writing some of the headers as on here and presenting it to him the night before the wedding. [img:2vs60d2q][/img:2vs60d2q] [img:2vs60d2q][/img:2vs60d2q] as I think he would appreciate this more than a present but otherwise a weekend away is always nice. esp while saving for the wedding, you can't actually have many of these!