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msbelle Posts: 726
hi all, just wondering how everyone else feels about their career? i am not career minded at all, i work everyday to get the wages in on friday, i work to live ... not live to work i would love nothing better to be a stay a home mum and have a wee part time job, i have no heed in climbing any career ladders :-8 just wondering who else feels like this or are you more focused on career?
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Cee-Cee, I could've written that post myself - that's how I feel 110% :wv Maybe I should've married a stinkin' rich bloke or a sugar daddy instead!! :o0
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I am EXACTLY the same as both of you - I used to think if I was ever asked where I would like to be in 5 years time I would have to lie through my teeth about climbing the career ladder. If I have enough to do me I am happy and have no interest in having a high flying career. I'd love to have enough money to stay home mind my DD and the one thats on the way but I hardly ever will :o(
zarazia Posts: 396
Im 100% with ye girls. I am not a bit career driven. I just think there is more to life then work. I do work full-time but only to pay the bills but i have no urge to further myself :-8 .
msbelle Posts: 726
TG im not the only one! im not lazy or anything like that, i go in and do my days work but im first out at hometime! :-8 as prev poster said, i have no heed in furthering myself, i day dream about my lovely home and family. i wouldnt consider myself old fashioned but i want to be a housewife!
micksmrs Posts: 931
When I lived in Dublin I used to be very career minded and managed to work my way up the ladder quite a bit in one job and when I could go no further changed to another position where I knew there would be possiblities for me to progress. I only stayed there for six months and decided then that what I really wanted was to move home to the west. Since moving home, the jobs I have had are not in organisaitons where there is room to improve or move up the ladder, where I am is pretty much where I will be stuck. It doesn't bother me but I do my job to the best of my ability and when it came time to downsize that was recognised and I was kept on. As it is we are currently on a 3 day week and since this happened while all my work is up to date and I do what is expected of me I do not put the same efforts into work that I did, I am Lazy to say the least, also since finding out we have a little one on the way work has totally taken a back seat.
mags s Posts: 591
i am the same girls...i am no career focused at all. i do my work well and i take pride in the work i do but thats it. i have been receintly given the chance to stay at home with my dd and i think i am taking it.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
it's nice to know i'm not the only one who feels like this. i do like my job but i am not really career driven at all. i would love to take a few years out to look after kids if and when we have them but i suppose finances will dictate that. does anyone else think it feels like something to be ashamed of admitting though? i did quite well in my leaving and my dad still goes on about how i could have done something like law (as if, i would be useless) i often feel like my job isn't taken very seriously by my family at all because the points weren't very high for my degree course and my salary isn't fantastic. h2b earns more than me and doesn't even have a leaving :o( (not that i think i am better than anyone who doesnt have a leaving, i just meant it as an example that maybe higher education isn't always the only path to success)
gerbil Posts: 3528
lol I'm the complete opposite. I couldn't imagine not working - even if I retired I would have to have something to occupy me :) I don't really get the whole staying at home thing - I'd adore kids but my parents both worked and so did all my friends' parents and for me it seems normal. I love my job, I get a great deal of satisfaction from it - it's not the only thing that gives me satisfaction by any means but it's a biggie O-O
JDD Posts: 1316
I have become less career driven as time has worn on. I was with a firm where to make it to partner to basically had to sacrifice your Monday to Friday and stay behind whenever there was work on. Certainly to make it to partner would have been very difficult with a family. It's just the industry that I'm in. While I was younger I had no problem with this (most of my mates were doing the same) once I moved in with H2B I started to think "do I really want to do that"? I've moved to an in-house job and since then I've very much appreciated my evenings and holidays. I'd still like to move up the ladder, but not to a point where I'd neglect any future family. Money is also a factor. If I could make it to a level where I'm on 20-25% more then what I'm on now, I'd be fairly happy to stick with that. Lets say over the past five years I've downsized my expectations. Once (hopefully) I have kids would I want to become a housewife? Probably not, I don't think the isolation would suit me. To be very honest I like the sort-of respect I get when I say I'm a solicitor, when people ask. I don't know how I'd handle the dismissive nature of some people when I'd say I'm a housewife or a stay at home mum. I know that's shallow, but hey, at least it's honest. Job-sharing is all well and good, but from what I've seen in both my present employment and other companies, you do four days work in two and a half days, and get paid two and a half days salary. Might as well do the five days if that's the case. So. That's all a rounda-bouty way of saying yes, I'm moderately career minded without actually wanting to get to the top of the ladder.