Are you having an afters?

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Ficidy Posts: 1753
Just wondering how many people are having an Afters and if so, how come? We weren't planning on having it, but now H2B says that we should think about inviting some people to afters who aren't coming to ceremony and reception. I don't want to do this as the main thing about our wedding was that we were keeping it small... We'll also be cutting cake, having trad band and letting off sky lanterns when the afters people would be turning up. Do you think it's unfair not to have them though? If we don't go ahead with the afters we'll be leaving some people out of the wedding altogether, but to be honest they'd be people we'd rarely see/speak to anyway and I want our whole day to be filled with people we know and are close to. Should I give in though and go ahead with the afters to avoid people complaining about not being invited to wedding? What do you think?
kelsar Posts: 690
I am having an afters ,mainly because our budget is small and we are hoping to have only 80 people for the meal ( was originally only 60) so we are going to invite all our work mates etc to the evening part.
sinduf Posts: 261
We're having an afters but it's mainly just work people as we could never invite everyone from both are jobs.
marquise Posts: 595
We're planning on having an afters. We're going to invite our work colleagues and some people we wouldn't see very often but would like to invite. I know some people don't like afters but each to their own. I don't know if you should given in "to avoid complaining about not being invited" - I reckon they'd find something else to complain about anyway!
marianf Posts: 5845
We are having some people come in the evening so that we can include cousins, neighbours etc in our day. Its totally a personal choice but we just cant invite everyone and feel that the afters will keep everyone happy. Lots of people dont have them. I suppose you have to decide if anyone who is being left out of your day will be offended/upset by it.
the winner Posts: 4148
Were having an afters but not expecting many to come as we are getting married miles away fromw here we live and work... But I dont want to leave anyone out.. and I dont want a huge wedding... so afters is the best option:D *)
TickledPink Posts: 338
Yep, we are having an Afters. Mostly work mates. We are trying to keep the day invites to around 60 people. So we are planning on having maybe between 10-20 people for the Afters.
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
I dont think we'll be having an afters. The hotel is about 45 minutes away and depending on our guest list everyone will be invited to the whole day!
AliceB Posts: 495
We're not having one. Anyone that would have fallen into the potential category (e.g. work mates etc) are in Dublin and wedding is in Kerry...
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
Everytime I see the title of this thread in the main list I keep thinking it says "Are you having an affair?" :yelrotflmaosmilie: